Great ideas and inspirations about Scandinavian interior

Scandinavian style in our interior

Appeared in the 30s, the Scandinavian style is based on the idea of ​​simplification. Based on authenticity, we use natural materials such as wood, leather, hemp. The Scandinavian style privileges the techniques that are in contact with the natural forms. As far as colors are concerned, pastel tones are in the spotlight.

The truth is that in recent years the Nordic style is found in each of our objects and furniture. With clean lines, an immaculate white, a predominance of light wood, geometric patterns, wools, furs, the Scandinavian decor has emerged as aesthetic, functional, soft and cocooning.

Check out our selection of ideas for the Scandinavian interior below.

Floors and walls in the Scandinavian interior

Scandinavians are in love with nature. They choose light wood floors from northern forests. They are passionate about interiors with parquet flooring with wide and long boards.

Scandinavian atmosphere with white floor

Scandinavian atmosphere with a white floor

Light wood flooring

for example it is a Scandinavian living room with wooden floor

Warm, cozy and stylish, the Scandinavian style is easy to live with

for example it is a kitchen in Scandinavian style with a white floor

When they do not choose wood, northerners opt for white soil

wooden elements and white floor in the bathroom

In the northern countries most of the walls of the houses are white in order to catch the light. It is often preferred to paint white walls, ceilings and floors to clear borders.

Scandinavian style children's room

for example it's a Scandinavian style child's room

for example it is a room with white walls and a removable glass partition

In the Scandinavian style everything is arranged harmoniously

this harmonious dining area is part of the Scandinavian interior

The colors in the decoration

White is not the only favorite color in the Nordic countries. Their inhabitants also appreciate pastel shades: pink, blue, yellow, mint green. All these shades go well with light wood furniture in gray, white and black.

for example it is a living room and dining room in Scandinavian style

for example it is a comfortable living room in Scandinavian style

In the Scandinavian interior blue is preferred.

Blue is very often present in the Nordic interiors of its pastel tones to the darkest

for example it's Scandinavian cuisine with accents in blue

Scandinavian interior in the living room

Bedroom and bathroom with blue accents

for example it is a room with bathroom in blue

Neutral colors are also used thanks to decorative objects and accessories. Cushions, table lamps, candles, pegs, chairs in neutral shades, all this fits well to a large number of colors.

for example it is a small kitchen Scandinavian dining area in neutral colors

Scandinavian style in white color

Bulb at the end of a wire

The Scandinavians have put the spotlight on the bulb. Above a table or kitchen worktop, install one or more bulbs with a black, white or colored wire.

for example it is a kitchen with Scandinavian interior

Scandinavian design with bulbs over

Scandinavian design light bulbs over wire

Accessories with geometric patterns

Printed and geometric patterns can often be found in the Scandinavian interior. The geometric shapes give personality and a playful character to the rooms.

Cushions, frames, carpets with graphic designs are one of the features of Nordic decor

interior Scandinavian space

carpets and cushions in scandinavian style

We like the sobriety of the Scandinavian style which favors light colors

Scandinavian interior in white with decorations with prints

for example it's a Scandinavian living room

Materials and materials

Scandinavians are fond of furs in their homes, such as sheep skins, lambskins, etc.

work place in Scandinavian style

The washed linen sheets are a must in the Nordic decor. Cotton and wool are also preferred

for example it's a Scandinavian style bedroom

Except wood, Scandinavians very often use stone and marble

marble and wood in a bathroom

Nordic interior with marble floor

for example it is a Nordic interior with a marble floor

for example it's a Scandinavian bathroom

Furniture and decorations

The furniture

The Scandinavian furniture is sleek and a little retro with simple lines. The raw material is often used in the manufacture of round coffee tables, shelves and vintage chairs.

Scandinavian style interior with a round table and different chairs

The armchairs in retro style and the ottomans in light colors are also appreciated

Scandinavian interior in white with retro armchairs

for example it is a stay in Scandinavian style

The appliances

Many frabiquants offer appliances that harmonize well with the Scandinavian interior. Normally the style is retro and the colors are black, white, gray or pastel.

kitchen dinette living room with a gray fridge

for example it is a small kitchen in Scandinavian style with appliances in gray

The jumble

The black and white frame is typical for the Scandinavian interior. Art or personal photos, posters and paintings also have their place in the decor. Also choose frames with wooden, metal or gold edges.

A piece that mixes vintage deco and Scandinavian style

for example it is a Scandinavian style living room with pictures on the wall


Opt for them plants green to decorate your interior in Scandinavian style. It is a good choice to put succulents or cacti.

Black and white are often present in the Scandinavian style

black and white in Scandinavian style

Scandinavian design has a style based entirely on nature

living plants in the Scandinavian interior

The decor

The Scandinavian decoration meets a demand for comfort and completes the trend of cocooning

Scandinavian decoration in a beige and taupe living room

Decoration of a Scandinavian trendy lounge

Scandinavian style decor in a house

unique interior in Scandinavian style

for example it's a Scandinavian interior in black and white

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