Great ideas how to make a painting on pebbles

Pebble painting is an original and creative idea to transform pebbles found at the seaside or in garden centers and create beautiful decorations

original idea painting on pebbles

If you like to paint and create decorative objects for your interior easily, we suggest you look for beautiful stones and give yourself back to pebble painting. From the inspirational point of view, you can paint whatever gives you pleasure and why not make a masterpiece. The pebbles are a pretty, colorful, unique and easy to make decoration, to create a fun atmosphere in your home.

At the same time, you can realize this idea with your children.

How to occupy your child and realize a very interesting project at the same time

painting on pebbles colorful stones with mandalas

Ideas to decorate a room

minions, plants and animals painting on pebbles

To complete this project, you need:

The drawing on the pebble can be a face of an animated film, an animal - a cat, a horse, a dog, an owl, a flower. Or even paint a mandala for example, which is very trendy now, to decorate the coffee table of an ethnic spirit.


do painting on mandala pebbles on a black stone

So, to transform pebbles and color them, you need:

- Choose rounded rollers with a smooth surface, since they are easier to paint.

- Clean the rollers, using soapy water and a brush, if necessary.

- Fine brushes

- Acrylic paint

- colored inks

- Chinese ink

- Extra fine markers

- Clear varnish

an adorable dog, painted on a pebble

Make a painting on pebbles

First, to create a painting on pebbles, we advise you always to use clean pebbles, to have a successful painting. In case you have chosen pebbles in white or gray, it is better to trace the patterns of the drawing, with a pencil, to obtain a precise result.

Pebbles painted in floral patterns

colorful flowers painting on pebbles

Trees on the pebbles

painting on pebbles trees

Color the patterns using acrylic paint and brushes and start painting the surfaces. Let the pebble dry for several hours. You can also use ink to paint, but it is more preferred for letters, words or to write messages for Valentine's Day for example. The other technique we offer to inspire you is the cutting. It also allows you to customize the pebbles and make them adorable and unique.

Original Halloween Decor Idea

to amuse the children a painting on pebbles

Elephants on a stone

elephants painting on pebbles

Pebble service

decoupage on pebbles painting on pebbles

At the same time, the pebble painting, inspired by Halloween spirit, is an interesting way to refresh your decor. A little orange, yellow, green and black paint will help you turn the pebbles into pumpkins. The extra fine markers are perfect for making the precise motives of so popular and modern mandalas right now. And at the end, to avoid peeling paint, apply clear lacquer. This will also give a shine to the painting. And now, thanks to your creativity, imagination and inspiration, you can decorate the coffee table in the living room, the pots of flowers , the office, the garden, or make toys for the kids.

animal for a painting on pebbles

pebble painting in pink and black

cats painting on pebbles

mandala painting

flowers for painting on pebbles

flowers for decoration

fruit pebble painting

roller with message

flamingo painting on pebbles

pebbles pretty paint on pebbles

idea painting on pebbles

how to do at home painting on pebbles

pebble painting ideas

flowers painting on pebbles

mandala pebble painting

mandalas painting on pebbles

simple mandala to paint on pebbles

pebble painting

paint on pebble mask

boats painting on pebbles

sheep pebble painting

painting on pebbles flowers

butterfly painting

pebble painting

pebble painting 1


pebble painting

pebble painting in blue

pebble painting messages

pebble painting ideas

pebble painting

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