Halloween drink: the best proposals for a 'spooky' party

The Halloween party is a good excuse to become weird and have fun scare. It's time to prepare well-decorated cocktails in the spirit of October 31st. Indeed, there are innumerable possibilities of ingredients but we must not forget that the scary look must be combined with a delicious taste. We propose to test 5 recipes that will certainly meet your expectations for an unforgettable Halloween drink.

Let's get the Halloween party started

halloween party

Surprise your guests with a thematic Halloween drink

Cocktail 'Black Magic'

The glass of cocktail must be decorated in any case

black magic cocktail halloween


1/4 cup ice cubes
1/2 cup of orange juice
50 ml of black vodka
15 ml white liquor


First, put the ice in a shaker. Then, add the orange juice and the liquor. Afterwards, shake the mixture well and pour it into a glass. Using a spoon, slowly pour the black vodka into the glass. The goal is that the vodka is above. Lately, decorate the cocktail with a slice of orange.

Cocktail 'Jack-O'-Lantern'

It would be even better if you find stylized cocktail glasses

cocktail jack-o-lantern halloween


30 ml of cognac
15 ml of black liquor
50 ml of orange juice
15 ml of ginger beer


First, mix all the ingredients in a shaker and shake well. Then pour the mixture into a glass filled with ice. In last place, decorate with a slice of peeled pumpkin.

Halloween drink 'The Black Widow'

The colors red, green and black are probably required for Halloween cocktails

black widow cocktail halloween


50 ml black vodka, well chilled

1/2 spoon of blueberry juice

1 cherry

of red sugar in powder


In first place, fill a glass of ice cocktail. Then, sprinkle with sugar to decorate the edge of the glass. After, pour the blueberry juice and finally, the vodka. Garnish with cherry.

Cocktail 'Vampire'

In short, the blood is a must of the party

halloween vampire cocktail


50 ml of Bacardi 'O'

15 ml Cointreau liqueur

60 ml pineapple juice

1 tablespoon of strawberry puree (raspberries)


At first, pour the rum, liquor and pineapple juice into a glass filled with ice. Shake the mixture a little. After, dip the tip of a toothpick into the fruit purée and drop a few drops into the drink. Do not stir!

Halloween 'Dark and Stormy'

This drink will not only make you happy, but also scared

dark stormy halloween cocktail


120 ml of gin

80 ml of grapefruit juice

ice cubes

dry ice


First, mix the gin and the juice in a shaker. Then, add ice cream and mix for 40 seconds. Put the drink in a glass of cocktail. Finally, to get a fog effect, add a few cubes of dry ice in it.

Other ideas of 'creepy' cocktails

thematic halloween drinks

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