Haystack: how to turn it into decoration

Hay is a very original decoration that is often used for fall weddings and more and more in the interior. The first thing that may come to your mind is the hay bales scattered on the fields waiting to be picked up. Since they are extremely heavy, it would be very difficult for you to transport them, but it's still not impossible. Today we give you a lot of ideas about what you can do with a haystack to create a country decor for the house or the garden.

Normally you saw them on farms and barns, and you never thought that one day haystacks could turn into pretty, trendy decorations. Indeed, hay is ideal to give cachet to your home. Just use it as a one-touch on the right places. What freshness does this idea bring?

If you want to exploit the rustic and country style in its entirety, forget the traditional decorations and play with the haystacks to create objects and 100% natural and personalized decorations that will undoubtedly delight your guests. Take a look below to get inspired!

Haystack: how to use it to create a rustic decor

Autumn decoration can obviously take different forms

fun deco haystacks

Decorate your rustic style table

garden sofa haystacks

Sculptures of big haystacks

haystacks sculptures

Straw bales can also be used as supports to present plants

country decor

Party decoration

trendy hay bales

Stage your garden

fall garden deco

Even in winter, you can create a beautiful thematic hay decoration

deco hay snowman

Whether to celebrate a party in the country or simply to create an original decor at the entrance of the garden

decoration with pumpkins and haystacks

A timeless autumnal decor

deco backyard haystacks

deco flowers and haystacks

The creation of this sculpture probably requires a lot of imagination

creative deco haystacks

With a little painting you can animate your garden with magic heroes

deco scarecrow of haystacks

deco interesting haystacks

You can use a haystack even to plant flowers

deco idea haystacks

Delight your guests with an original decor

outdoor decoration haystacks

Deco Halloween for all tastes

spider halloween decor

The kids will certainly be happy to help you make these very nice figures

deco minions bales of hay

As simple as refined, the hay bale sofas are perfect for an evening in the garden.

country decor

Deco idea with pumpkins, flowers and a haystack

haystack original garden decoration

Fun decor

giant haystacks decor

Autumn flowers and bright pumpkins ... .. and here is a charming decoration

seasonal deco staircase

Indeed, the deco of rustic and country style is more and more modern

rustic deco boots hay

deco terrace haystacks

Wedding decor may include for example hay bunks

wedding decor

deco salon haystacks

halloween deco haystacks

haystacks figures

owl haystacks

idea sofa haystacks

deco idea flowers and haystacks

turkey haystacks garden deco

court decoration idea

halloween haystacks

rabbits haystacks

autumn wedding arch

deco haystack monster

idea what to do with a big haystack

improvised garden furniture haystacks

hay table

cow haystacks

garden decoration boots hay

garden decoration haystacks

country decor

squirrel haystacks

haystacks tractor

super deco giant dog hay boots

hay couch

painted hay bales

tiger haystack deco

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