Household tips: nail polish as a secret weapon

When we talk about nail polish, most people imagine a beautiful manicure . However, this one does not only serve to decorate the fingers, but can also be a useful "assistant" at home. Discover some tips to know how to profit effectively in the household.

Nail polish to repair a mosquito net

Small holes in the mosquito net of the window or balcony door are a kind of "invitation" for insects. But that does not mean you have to replace the mosquito net right away. Just take a nail polish transparent and apply a small amount to repair the damage. However, it is important to note that this is only a temporary solution.

Idea to repair a mosquito net

nail polish to repair a mosquito net

Avoid loosening screws

You can use nail polish for example to make the screws tighter. This "painting" will probably keep them in place. The trick works well for small eyeglass screws as well as for other objects or furniture. If a screw is loose, you can apply nail polish to the thread and around it before screwing it back on, which guarantees a firm grip.

Secure the screws

nail polish to prevent screw loosening

Fix tile tiles

Nail polish repairs damaged tile tiles. If one of them is cracked, normally we go to a specialist to fix it. However, if it's just a small crack, you can fill it easily. For an excellent result, first clean the tile with soap and water, then apply a coat of nail polish. It is good that it is translucent. Apply as many layers as needed to cover the problem area. If the crack is larger, you will need to fill it with epoxy resin before this clever repair.

Fill a crack on the tiles

nail polish to correct tile tiles

Prevent the spread of rust

Nail polish is effective against rust. You may have heard of it, and maybe you have already tried to paint metal jewelery with translucent varnish to protect it from rust and discoloration. Many women know the problem with rusty earrings. They are not only unsightly but also hurt your ears. Just paint the hook of the earring and the problem will be solved for a while. This solution can also be used for other metal objects. For example deodorants spray, metal bins placed near water and others. Painting the bottom of these objects will help keep rust away from your home.

Avoid the appearance of rust

nail polish against rust

Nail polish to repair a crack on the glass

If there is a crack in the window or other glass surfaces, you can prevent it from spreading with clear nail polish. It is clear that this is a temporary option and that you will need to replace the damaged object in the next moment.

Temporary solution for a window or a mirror

nail polish to correct a crack on the glass

Have we managed to convince you of the usefulness of nail polish in the household? If you still have doubts, look at the photos below!

Certainly, women are familiar with this trick

nail polish application on pantyhose

Decorate different objects

decorate phone shell with nail polish

Easily restore the color of a shoe

nail polish application on shoes

Make the accessories more chic

decorate a cable with nail polish

For example, we can correct a scratch on the paint of a car

correct scratches with nail polish

Paste an envelope

stick an envelope with nail polish

Fix the buttons of a shirt

nail polish to fix a button on a garment.

Close a cut on the finger

nail polish to close a cut

Protect objects from rust

protect the screws from rust with nail polish

rust key protection nail polish

protect jewelry from rust with nail polish

To change the color of a precious stone, just use nail polish

change the color of pebbles on jewelry with nail polish

nail polish to paint jewelry

Decoration of trinkets

nail polish to decorate keys

Stick a small pebble on a ring or on earrings

nail polish to fix a pebble on a ring

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