How to choose a multicooker, to quickly cook your dishes

With this device you have the opportunity to easily make your favorite dishes without losing time

Convenient multi-cooker to prepare a quick and easy dish

First, choosing a multicooker is not so easy. This is because on the market there are a lot of these products, different brands, functions and capacity. The multicooker can help you prepare meat, vegetables, rice, soup, yogurt, desserts like a pro. It can replace your appliances, for example the oven, the steamer, the yogurt maker.

And unattended cooking is possible thanks to an integrated microprocessor. Also, by preparing dishes in a multicooker, you will be able to make recipes with less fat. The cooking modes are: steam cooking, 3D cooking and pressure cooking.

In short, it is a simply adorable device that will falter your life! It is important to consider your personal needs, your favorite dishes and then find that product that is functional for you.

Recipes for your multicooker

smart multicooker model

Cooking under pressure

The advantage of pressurized cooking mode is that it allows you to reduce the cooking time. Thanks to the perfectly hermetic closure, you can prepare many dishes under pressure. All you need to do and put the ingredients in the tub- the vegetables, or the meat for example, and water. Pressurized cooking reduces cooking time by 2/3 and saves time.

To prepare a delicious meal

autocook bosch multicooker

Rice spoon

Preparing rice using a multicooker is easy, and at the same time the result is always a delicious rice. And of course, we love this way of cooking in a multicooker.

Easy preparation

to make a delicious rice in a multicooker

Multicooker - Oven function

Nevertheless, this cooking function will replace the use of your oven. The cooking time required to pick a delicious dish is 30-40 minutes, but it can be set between 20 minutes and 2 hours.



Feel free to test the function to prepare french fries in a simple and easy way too. Choose potatoes for french fries and experiment with different recipes, to pick golden and crispy potatoes.

to make potatoes in a multicooker

You can make potatoes in your multicooker


Preparation of yoghurt

The multicooker will be your assistant to prepare at home a yogurt delicious, for a breakfast, for example.

Homemade yogurt in a multicooker

yogurt in a multicooker

Finally, the multicooker allows you to prepare dishes in sauce, vegetables, fish, meat, fruits, yogurt, soups, desserts, risotto. On the market you can also find models with the function of preparing baby food. In addition, the "keep warm" feature at the end of cooking will help you keep the dish hot. You can simmer, boil, fry, prepare rice, ratatouille, pick in the oven. It is necessary only to find an easy and fast recipe.

bosch multicooker

choose a multicooker, to quickly cook your dishes


philips multicooker model in black

choose a multicooker, to quickly cook your dishes

Redmond multicooker model

And the soup is delicious too

to make a soup in a multicooker

recipes for a multicooker

multi-cooker recipe soup

For a super nutritious meal

recipe for multicooker

multicooker soup

instant pot multicooker for your kitchen

multicooker to prepare meals quickly

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