How to choose your convertible corner sofa

Find here our tips how to choose a sofa convertible corner to make your living room cozy

white convertible corner sofa for your living room

First of all, the convertible corner sofa is the perfect solution for a comfortable and aesthetic decoration at the same time. We can say that it is an indispensable piece of furniture for your room. In addition, this type of furniture offers you great comfort and 3-5 seats, and it turns into a bed. Of course, there are a lot of models, but how to make the best choice and buy a design and functional furniture, which is better for your home?

There are some criteria to take into consideration, to be sure of your choice.

living room nice corner sofa convertible gray

What size for your convertible corner sofa

It is advisable to opt for a corner sofa model convertible "L", which is ideal for a small room. Place the angle in a corner, to save space. On the contrary, the "U" shaped model fits better of a larger space. To be sure, determine the sleeping dimensions of your sofa and the free space in your living room.

Corner sofa convertible in black leather

convertible corner sofa in black leather

What coating

The other equally important criterion is the choice of coating. For example, you can choose a convertible corner sofa in leather, imitation leather (PU or polyurethane), or even fabric or microfiber.

convertible corner sofa and very comfortable

For a warm atmosphere

leather convertible corner sofa cozy and modern

Furniture in leatherette are very easy to clean, using a sponge soaked in water, or a cotton soaked in cleansing milk to remove stains. Nevertheless, this coating will bring you great comfort.

convertible corner sofa

Leatherette sofa to create a cozy atmosphere

leatherette convertible corner sofa modern and comfortable to decorate your living room

The leather is a natural material, noble, pleasant and very sweet. In short, it is a material very resistant to the wear of time. The leather breathes and adapts to the temperature in the room and the body. The shelf life can be tens of years, but it all depends on the quality and maintenance (with a nourishing cream for leather, for example).

Maintenance is important to maintain the color and shine of the leather

convertible corner sofa very trendy leather

The couch Fabric is also very practical, solid and comfortable. A sofa in cotton or cotton and linen blend, is easy to maintain and there is a wide variety of colors. The microfiber is made from synthetic fibers. It is easy to maintain, pleasant to touch, wear resistant, and offers comfort. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the fabric of your convertible corner sofa. Remember, your fabric sofa should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

gray convertible corner sofa

Modern and practical convertible corner sofa

modern convertible corner sofa to decorate your living room

Convertible corner sofa, full of comfort

The mattress is one of the very important criteria to take into account, when choosing your sofa. Depending on usage, price and quality, there are some variations. Using your sofa as a bed determines which mattress to choose.

  • For an occasional bed, we advise you to opt for polyurethane foam, with a density between 26 and 30kg / m3. This ensures optimal comfort.
  • In case you are going to regularly use the mattress of the sofa for sleeping, it is better to choose a polyurethane foam with density between 30 and 40kg / m3
  • For everyday use, opt for a HR polyurethane foam, that is to say High Resilience. Resilience expresses the elasticity of the foam. The higher the HR number, the more the foam is elastic and of high quality - HR 35 - 40kg / m3. In addition, polyurethane foam has a long life. The memory foam adapts to the morphology of your body and offers great comfort too.

Convertible corner sofa trendy and comfortable

Blue sofa model with cushions

convertible corner sofa very nice color

convertible corner sofa in gray

practical model of a convertible corner sofa

convertible corner sofa very pretty

For an exceptional interior

very nice convertible corner sofa in yellow with cushions

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