How to compose a winter gardener: ideas and tips

It's not just in the spring and summer when flora lovers can grow beautiful flowers and plants. Although in the cold season nature is bare, the idea of ​​importing greenery into everyday life is far from impossible. For example, the winter gardener allows us to realize the dream of garden whose plants are alive 12 months a year. In this article we explain how to create this corner of paradise.

Winter gardener

do a winter gardener

Indeed, some plants are robust enough to survive the bad winter conditions. In the fall, we can create winter planters. The key is to choose a frost-resistant container and place the planter in a place sheltered from the weather. In case of very low temperatures, it can be surrounded by a wintering veil.

Choice of plants for a winter gardener

There is a wide range of plants that are suitable for a winter gardener. However, you must choose according to the orientation and sunshine of your balcony or window. The other important thing is the aesthetic aspect. To create a beautiful composition, bet on the contrasts of shapes, colors and textures. The top florists advise to introduce different plants among the following ones:

  • flowering plants in winter: hellebores, heather, winter jasmine, cyclamens, pansies, campanula, daisies
  • plants with berries in winter: skimmia, gaulthéria, pemettya mucronata
  • plants with intense foliage: purple pittosporum, Scarletta leucothoe, officinal sage
  • dwarf conifers
  • grasses

Fortunately, there are many plant species that resist cold and frost

winter garden frost-resistant plants

And the plants most often preferred are:

  • sedge
  • ivy
  • skimmia japonica
  • fescue
  • wintergreen

How to prepare the substrate

realization of winter gardener

When you fill your winter planter, it is important that the potting soil takes up two thirds of the volume. The mix should also contain soft and rich compost. At the bottom of the tank, lay a layer of clay balls or gravel 3 cm thick to ensure drainage.

Tips for planting

  • Always think about choosing plants in pots with their roots. Warning: when you take the plants out of the pots, if necessary, do not hesitate to unravel the roots by cutting their peripheral parts.
  • If possible, place bubble paper between the pot and the pot cover to protect the roots against freezing.
  • Of course, your winter planter must appear generously planted. However, there is a general rule regarding the number of plants to plant in. For example, in a 25 cm cut, you should not have more than three plants. In planters of 50 cm it is preferred to put five plants. Eight species of plants in planters of 80 cm.

Ideas of winter planters

winter planter variety of plants

  • A winter planter must contain plants of different appearance depending on their size. Obviously, the largest ones are to be arranged backwards, and the smaller ones in front.
  • Plants whose roots will need more room to spread out, are to be placed at the center of your composition.

Choose sturdy plants for winter

idea small garden winter gardener

From the first days of December, stage your small winter gardens

winter planter evergreen plants

Great idea for Christmas

christmas idea winter gardener

Once composed, a winter gardener can keep several years

winter planter plants in terracotta pot

Succulent plants

winter gardener succulent plants

Indeed, plants can be planted in basins, bins, suspensions or planters

different plants winter gardener

variety of plants in a winter planter

idea to compose a winter gardener

plant winter gardener plant

Decorate your garden, terrace or balcony with some greenery in winter

idea big winter gardener

winter planter plants in bright colors

garden gardener idea

idea to arrange winter gardener

Without doubt, it is a beautiful example of association of flowers

create a winter gardener

idea of ​​composition winter gardener

garden gardener winter garden path

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