How to design a chic country style room

The chic country style has gone through the years to stay timeless and always trendy with its authenticity and elegance. The soft and neutral colors, the predominant raw wood and the warm light create a romantic atmosphere in every interior. If you have decided to create a room following the rules of this style, follow our guide to know everything and succeed the mission.

Cuisine in the countryside chic decor

country chic kitchen

Stylish countryside - the ultra modern style for every space in your house or apartment

The term chic campaign was born in the 1980s when the famous English magazine "World of Interiors" distinguished it from other styles of decor. It is indeed a combination of English country style, Victorian age, French romance, rustic style and Scandinavian style.

Today, decorating specialists are turning more and more to the natural world. The modern style gives way to everything retro and authentic. Especially the vintage style and the chic country decor. If you are dreaming of antique furniture, soft materials and natural hues, you have made a good choice because this style is easy to apply.

The chic country style is defined by a beautiful harmony of natural tones and noble materials

deco chic countryside

The essential principles


The main rule to follow to create a chic country piece is to avoid too bright colors. It is advisable to prefer natural and soft tones. For example brown, dark green, yellow, orange, blue and its shades. Pastels and cold colors are also suitable. The colors of wood, beige, gray and off-white are almost mandatory to ensure the softness and elegance of the interior.

The chic country style is simple, based on clean lines and contrasts. If the floor is rather dark, we opt for clear colors for walls and furniture. Among the pastels, one can choose the lilac, the pink, the cream, the light blue and the green of water for a good diffusion of the light.

The colors to be favored for a charming decoration are rather natural: white, gray, beige, blue or pastel pink

countryside chic room

The possibilities of arrangements are vast, and the main thing remains to obtain a warm and natural countryside decoration

country chic wooden kitchen

The subjects

The chic countryside decor is characterized by the presence of furniture of noble materials, often with patinas that imitate a long use. Raw materials are indispensable. Stone walls, wood or metal furniture, hardwood floors, terracotta tiles are a considerable asset for a house decorated in this style. We are looking for authenticity to give our interior a sense of country. That's why the furniture is sometimes flea markets or family granaries.

A charming decor is based on simple and discreet materials

dining room chic country decor

Finally, to perfect your interior to the chic country house spirit, lay in the wildflower pieces

ikea country style kitchen chic

The furniture

Furniture side, we put rather on solid furniture. Large tables in light wood and patina for the dining room, a pastel cupboard for the kitchen, antique cabinets for the bedroom. The sofas and the armchairs adorned with details contribute to the cocoon atmosphere.

The old-fashioned furniture is well appreciated in the chic country-style decor. We can recover objects or furniture forgotten in a Provençal attic and sand them. Then skate and turn them into trendy furniture with a special cachet.

In this type of decoration, it is allowed to use old furniture or objects

chic country dining room

Old solid wood dresser

old patinated dresser


The natural fabrics of light colors are well adopted in the interior of chic country style. Linen, cotton, leather in beige, ecru, lavender blue, pastel green or cream can be found everywhere. For example on curtains, bedspreads, cushions, armchairs, carpets. The floral motifs, stripes and prints are used in large quantities and complement the feeling of comfort, relaxation and elegance.

Floral patterns are also welcome

country style chic room

Beams and old stones, solid furniture, neutral colors

countryside chic house

The accessories

Currently, these are the accessories that give the final touch and make your home unique. The chic country style privileges the objects of recovery that have a history. Old wicker baskets, clocks, zinc jars, retro mirrors, fur cushions enrich your rooms perfectly. Do not hesitate to abuse wild flowers placed in pretty vintage vases or suspensions macramé. To complete the natural and friendly look, one can bet on lantern-type glass fixtures that invite the rustic and romantic spirit.

Bring some character to your home

chic country style furniture

Decorative objects in country chic style

chic countryside decor

chic countryside decor

chic wicker country style basket

chic country lounge

dining room dresser country chic

country chic bathroom

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