How to extend the life of your Halloween pumpkin

Tips and tricks to protect your Halloween pumpkin from rot and mildew

You are passionate about decorations Halloween and look forward to the party? You like the Jack O'Lantern but sometimes lose the desire to carve it because of the unpleasant odor that is released once the process of decay begins. In this article we present you some easy tips that you can use to extend the life of your Halloween pumpkin.

Everyone loves to decorate pumpkins as part of Halloween parties

halloween decor

Halloween approach and you have given yourself the mission to create a beautiful decorated pumpkin. Indeed, it takes a lot of time and effort to prepare and keep it until the party. The life of the pumpkin currently depends on its environment and the preservation methods used after digging.

Bacteria and molds are the causes of decay. In order to have a great decoration for longer, follow the tips below.

It happens to a lot of people to be furious when their pumpkins start to decompose soon after the decoration

rotten pumpkin

1. The bleach

Indeed, the bleach has antimicrobial properties. That's why its use eliminates microorganisms that accelerate decomposition. Mix one tablespoon of bleach with four liters of water and about 15 ml of bleach with one liter of water. Immerse the pumpkin in the first bleach solution for about eight hours. Then, take it out of the mixture and dry it with paper towels or paper towels. The second solution is to prepare to spray the outside and the inside of the pumpkin during the following days.

According to Halloween specialists, this is the best way to keep a pumpkin longer

soak a pumpkin

2. Vaseline

Soak your pumpkin in bleached water for about eight hours. After, rub the cut surfaces with a thin layer of Vaseline. This helps to retain the moisture inside the fruit and keep it longer.

Keep the moisture in the fruit

Vaseline pumpkin protection

3. The preservative

The pumpkin preservative is available in the garden center during the Halloween period, online, and also in the party stores. It normally contains water, sodium borate and / or benzoate (a preservative that is also a fungicide). Just spray the inside and outside of the pumpkin every day to protect it.

Wet the pumpkin every day with the special preservative

preservative for pumpkin

4. Silica gel

Find sachets of silica gel. They are often used to absorb excess moisture in some products. If you do not have one at home, you can find them in DIY stores for example, or buy them online.

How to proceed ? First, remove the silica beads from the package. Then, squeeze them into the flesh of your pumpkin inside. It is recommended to put 3 grams of silica for ten centimeters of pumpkin.

Let the silica gel absorb moisture

silica gel

Halloween pumpkin

pumpkin halloween

halloween pumpkin party

halloween decorations

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