How to invite the bohemian chic spirit into your life

The bohemian chic style has become a staple of the 21st century

Today we are going to talk about the bohemian chic style that has settled down in a good deal of aspect of contemporary life: fashion and beauty, behavior, interior and exterior decoration, layout.

Bohemia is a region of Central Europe, located in the Czech Republic. The Bohemian is then the one who lives in Bohemia. Nowadays we often make an association with Gypsies in particular and their free and wandering life. In short, it is about people living without rules, day by day, outside the social frameworks . The gypsy then represents a way of life without worries, even in poverty.

The bohemian style has evolved and moved away from its origins. In the 70s it became a real fashion phenomenon thanks to the movement "Hippie". The bohemian style began to be linked to a nonchalant state of mind, but also to a specific outfit: floating clothes with ethnic touches. During the years this trend of fashion has also invaded the interior decor of our homes. The artistic disorder, the elegance and the simplicity of the decor become more and more modern, evoking the bohemian chic spirit.

Bohemian chic style: the timeless trend of dress

Boho chic is a feminine fashion style with bohemian and hippie influences. The essence of this trend is that one expresses one's personality by combining different clothes and accessories. What you must remember too is that this fashion movement is based on the principle of making something new with old to create a romantic and careless look.

The bohemian style is more a state of mind than a simple look

boho chic holding woman summer

But how to succeed to make a bohemian look and especially trend? For a perfect style, certain rules must be respected. First, large, soft, vaporous and soft parts are mandatory. And before all ultra feminine! Lace, silk, leather and cotton are revered on long skirts, scarves, jackets and ponchos.

Flat models of shoes with Greek touches are also welcome. The bohemian style also acclaims fringes, floral motifs and prints.

Dressing "bohemian" is a way of expressing yourself

gipsy boho style

Accessories and jewelry are a must. It is indeed what completes the vision. With a headband and a long necklace the bohemian look is very easy to reproduce. You just have to make up your eyes in a remarkable way.

The exotic side of fashion

boho chic outfit

boho chic style hair accessories

The bohemian chic hairstyle

The look of gypsies requires a maximum dose of naturalness. Experimentation is therefore absolutely allowed. Low ponytail, spiky braid, hairy bun, natural curls, casual twists, colorful locks are the guarantee of perfect vision in bohemian chic style. Do not hesitate to adopt colored accessories in your hair, for example scarves or headbands. The bottom line is that your hairstyle has freedom of movement. If you opt for the gradient or mid-length and leave your hair loose, you will never make a bad choice.

The boho hairstyles are indeed a mixture of hippie and ethnic

bohemian chic woman hairstyle

The bohemian hairstyle is a hairstyle often preferred

bohemian chic hairstyle

Vision 'Hippie'

woman hippie style

boho style hairstyle woman

boho style hairstyle

The boho chic spirit in the interior

In deco, the bohemian chic style represents a mix of prints, colors and objects sometimes out of old flea markets and granaries of grandmother. One thing is clear: the colors are bright (red, purple, orange, yellow, turquoise, emerald ...). And concerning the decoration accessories, the possibilities are innumerable. Cashmere cushions, striped plaids, floral bedspreads, Berber rugs have an important place to accentuate the details.

Room with an artistic decoration out of the traditions

boho style room

The boho chic furniture is the result of a mix of cultures and traditions. All these objects bring an incomparable cachet to the dwelling. Weathered cabinets, buffets and chests of drawers, wrought iron tables, bohemian inspiration is omnipresent. This atmosphere can be described as a mixture of ethnic and folk influences (Indian, Moroccan, Mexican, African ...), is called bohemian chic style.

Colors and fabrics have an important place in the decor

bohemian chic decor

For a bohemian chic decoration successful, it does not hesitate to hunt in flea markets and garage sales

bohemian chic bedroom decorating idea

Indeed, everything is in the detail

bohemian chic living room

Outdoor decoration

The bohemian decoration is not reserved only for interiors. In the garden, on the balcony or terrace, neo-hippie accessories create a warm and friendly atmosphere. Giant poufs, hammocks, chairs and tables made of rattan or pallets, garlands of light and carpets attract the eye of the visitor. To succeed in this cozy camping atmosphere, we put more on the cushions in bright colors placed on a swing, a hanging wicker chair or directly on the grass .

This is undoubtedly an invitation to relaxation

deco Bohemian chic patio

Accessories are the ones that make the outdoor space cozy

boho style patio

The hanging chair: neo-hippie accessory for a summer atmosphere

boho chic hanging armchair

Bohemian inspiration is a must in decoration

boho chic garden furniture

bohemian chic garden

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