How to keep cats out of the garden: Little things to know

Keep cats away to protect plantations

It is really embarrassing to see in the garden your cat that scratches the beds or eats your plants. In reality, he plays, hunt, mark his territory and needs it in a completely natural way. You know all that and love your boyfriend, but you still want to run away from the garden so it does not cause damage. So find some clever tips to keep cats away and prevent them from damaging your plants.

Yes, the garden is a real playground for cats

protect your plantations from cats

Use automatic sprinklers

The cats do not really like water. If you have a real problem with them and their habits, the watering system can be a good solution. Place automatic sprinklers with motion detectors in strategic places where cats like to circulate.

After a few days, change the location to make sure that the cats will not learn to bypass the sprinklers.

It is undoubtedly an effective and natural method

automatic sprinkler anti cat

Repellent spray

The natural repellent spray is an effective solution to prevent cats from doing damage to the outside. Its use is very simple since it is enough to spray a few streams on places that you do not want your cat to frequent. Generally prepared from fox urine or another predator, there are repellents containing essential oils. Among the best ones are those that have a smell of eucalyptus and lemon.

Develop a natural repellent against cats


Ultrasonic repeller

If there is no trick to keep cats away from the garden, why not install an ultrasonic repellent designed to scare off animals. These devices create high-frequency audio transmissions that humans and most other housekeepers do not hear, effectively repelling cats.

Sound device designed to irritate animals

ultrasonic repellent cats and dogs

Plant repellent plants

Effectively, he There is a whole range of plants that cats do not like at all. Among these plants known for their repellent properties are lemongrass, eucalyptus and lavender. These are pleasant scents for humans but cats hate them. Then you can plant them in the garden to avoid any animal intervention in your flowerbeds.


lavender anti cats

The pepper

The pungent smell of pepper is a good anti cat natural and effective. Pour a glass of water into a saucepan and bring to a boil. Then remove the pan from the heat and let stand for about three minutes. Then pour two tablespoons of fresh black pepper into the hot water and stir to dilute. Wait a few minutes for the liquid to cool, then pour it into a vaporizer. You just have to spray the places you want to protect the cat. As the smell of pepper evaporates in just a few hours, it's important to repeat the steps for this anti-cat thing to work.

Black pepper

black pepper

The coffee grounds

The old cafe coffee can help you keep cats out of the garden. Indeed, it is enough to arrange it in the places that the cat likes to visit or to put it on the potting soil of the plants. Do not forget to repeat this action regularly for a good result.

The natural coffee grounds can be a solution to prevent cats from doing their needs everywhere in your garden

coffee grounds

The mustard

Mustard is an excellent cat repellent. Just mix mustard with water in equal amounts. Put the liquid in a vaporizer and treat the ground where the cats are walking. Repeat every other day for one to two weeks.

Spray mustard in places where cats hang around and in the garden


Protect the things you want to keep cats away

In order to keep cats away from your vegetables and plants, you should create physical barriers. Limit access to greenhouses, flower beds and other areas where cats could do damage. For this purpose you can place for example small pebbles in the garden. This prevents cats from digging. You can also use plastic mats with stripes or a poultry net. Of course, cats will not want to walk there.

Anti cat protector

to keep cats away from plants

protect cat plants

Prevent felines from digging the earth in your plantations

anti cat garden

protect the garden of cats

Get the cats' attention to another place

Remember to set up a special place for cats in your garden. It must be an attractive hiding place that your cat would prefer to the forbidden areas. You can also plant catnip in a corner, put a cat litter, place sand or build a shelter so that cats can monitor their area.

Make cats go to more hospitable places


cat scratching a tree

Cat tree

cat tree

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