How to recycle the plastic bottle in a creative way

Find in this article how to turn the old plastic bottle and create a practical thing for your home

diy plastic bottle ideas

Indeed, every day we use a lot of plastic bottles and tokens, but do you know how to recycle them? Easily realize for example a flowerpot, a manger for birds , a home decor, a plastic lamp, jewelry storage, a vase and more. Here we offer interesting ideas to inspire you to create something original and practical using a plastic bottle.

Recycle the plastic bottle

pretty flowerpot of a plastic bottle

Make a flowerpot a plastic bottle

It's a nice idea to renew your interior, and at the same time create a pretty flowerpot. The plastic bottle is an ecological, creative and economical solution too. You only need a plastic bottle, scissors, paint and a pencil to realize this idea. First, cut the bottle in half, depending on the pot size and the type of plants. To personalize the flowerpot, paint the outside of the bottle in the favorite color and draw with the pencil. The flowerpot is ready.

Flowerpot - easy idea to make

grow plants in a plastic bottle

Hanging flower pots

flower pots by plastic bottle

Create an outdoor vertical garden

Plastic bottles are perfect for using them to create an outdoor vertical garden. It is a variant of growing vegetables in jars of plastic bottles and hanging them on the walls. In addition, you can realize this idea for your terrace or balcony too.

plastic bottle jar

Or create a unique interior

how to grow plants at home

Vertical garden

vertical gardening plastic bottle

Bird feeder

If you like birds, keep reading. Making a bird feeder from a plastic bottle is very simple and easy to do, and does not require a lot of time. You need: a plastic bottle, a perch, seeds for birds, a wire or string, scissors, large pebbles. Cut two circles in the bottle and put some pebbles or bottom to make the manger more stable. Make two small holes, to install the perch. After that put the seeds at the bottom and then hang the bottle at the branch of a tree.

Another idea why recycle plastic bottles

bird feeder plastic bottle

Hang the bottle

for plastic bottle birds

Winter Feeder for Birds

plastic bottle

Jewelry and makeup storage

Another nice idea how to reuse the plastic bottle and do not throw it away. It is very simple. You simply have to cut the bottle in half and use the bottom to place your jewelry and makeup. This type of storage finds its place in a drawer, for example.

DIY for brushes

makeup accessories in a plastic bottle

Deco by plastic plugs

The plastic caps are also very practical to create a pretty wall decoration for your interior or exterior. By using different colors of plastic plugs, you can use your imagination and create a beautiful wall mosaic. The other proposal for you is to stick the caps on a paper and make a unique painting to decorate one of the walls of your living room, for example. Realize this artistic idea with the help of your children.

To decorate the walls

project for children plastic bottle

A real masterpiece

plastic bottle caps diy

Build a boat using plastic bottles

boat bottle plastic original idea

Or build a house


Idea: a bottle, a glue, a zipper and scissors

plastic bottle idea how to recycle

"Modern bowl" for your dog

plastic bottle for your dog

decorate the lamps

creative idea plastic bottle

Make a solar lamp using a plastic bottle

solar lamp with plastic bottle

plastic bottle animal accessory

Accessory to hang on the tree

christmas accessory plastic bottle

plastic bottle boat

plastic bottle diy project of vases

plastic bottle to make a boat

plastic bottle for garden terrace

how to recycle a plastic bottle

Grow onions in a bottle

grow onion plastic bottle

original garden decoration

How to keep toys

keep the toys in a plastic bottle

creative idea and original plastic bottle

ideas with plastic bottle

plants in a plastic bottle

for school plastic bottle

recycle the plastic bottle

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