How to sow grass in the garden: answers to the main questions

How to sow grass - tips for hobbyists

The good weather has arrived and it's time to take care of the garden. If you want to fill it with greenery you will never make a bad choice if you bet on the grass.

Indeed everyone would be happy to have a beautiful green lawn. But some people do not know that its maintenance requires work throughout the year.

Sowing grass in the garden is a good idea, especially it is aesthetic

green grass

A beautiful lawn is always nice

backyard freshe lawn

When to sow grass?

The best times to plant the lawn are when the soil is hot and when weeds have not fully invaded the field. In fact, the best times are spring and fall. However professionals recommend sowing sod in autumn because the weather is rainy and the soil is naturally wet. In addition, young grasses sown in spring grow in summer and this entails risks for their future development. The blades of grass are fragile and support the heat of the summer more difficult.

Spring and autumn are the seasons to set up a new lawn

beautiful garden with lawn

Creating a lawn requires care and attention in the preparation

grass in a garden with a lot of flowers

Finally the choice of period depends on the region where you live.

  • from the end of September until the end of November / from the beginning of March until the end of May for the regions located in the south of France.
  • from mid-August to late October / April to June for northern areas

freshe lawn in a garden

Prepare the soil

Before sowing the grass, you must prepare the ground. For this purpose it is necessary to turn the earth about twenty centimeters deep. All weeds (nettles, thistles, etc.) and their roots must be torn off. The pebbles must be removed and the clumps of earth broken by a claw. After the soil has been well ventilated, leveling should be done by flattening the ground with a roller (if done by hand).

It is also recommended to add a little soil or compost to your soil by burying it with your rake. This is to be done a week before sowing.

How to sow grass. Soil preparation

soil preparation

The goal is to obtain a fine and granular surface

prepare a field for sowing sod

We must first prepare the ground

soil flattening

Prepare the sowing

Actually there are different varieties of turf. Sowing is a mixture of seeds that germinate in the soil, grow and form the lawn.

To make your lawn beautiful, mix the seedling well. This is necessary because some seeds are heavier and you risk sowing them at the end. The result: a variety of grass will be found in one part of the garden, and another elsewhere.

Choose the most suitable grass seeds for your garden

how to sow grass with grains

  • English ryegrass is not too resistant to drought. On the other hand, it is easy to sow and knows how to cope with the invasion of weeds.
  • The tall fescue withstands drought thanks to its deep roots (1-2 meters).
  • Red fescue is dormant in the dry season and tends to rain.
  • The agrostides grow in a cold environment and need only a lot of fertilizer.
  • Kentucky bluegrass grows in cold, humid, semi-arid or temperate areas.

Sowing the grass ensures you have a quick lift and good grass growth

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Sowing the grass

There are two ways to sow a lawn: by hand (on the fly) or with a machine (seeder). For non-professionals it is better to plant the lawn by hand because the other method requires experience. In addition, avoiding the drill results in savings.

If you want to plant your lawn in the spring, do it after the winter frosts

grass already grown

Sowing grass is not complicated at all. All you have to do is draw a checkerboard made of squares. Then, depending on the turf purchased (the expected density is marked on the package), you can start sowing each square by making lines parallel to one side and then lines perpendicular to the previous ones.

Once the sod has been sown, the seeds of flight must be protected. For this purpose, cover them with a layer of potting soil of a few centimeters.

When you plant your lawn in autumn, you have to do it after the summer droughts

to grow grass

Water the lawn

Once sown, it is important to water regularly. On the other hand be careful that the watering is carried out in fine rain so that the grains are not transported. Moreover, it is one of the reasons why it is better to plant in autumn than in spring: the seeds require less water because of the lower temperatures.

If you watch your lawn well, a few weeks after sowing it will be ready to be shorn.

Watering in fine rain is mandatory

watering a lawn

Regular watering is recommended until the grass is lifted

grass in the garden that is already ready to be shorn

Watch for weeds and tear them off with their roots as soon as possible

green grass pushed

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