How to use essential oils for irritated skin

How to use essential oils to relieve itching?

If the itching lasts a long time, they can even cause depression. Day and night, you are under the influence of unpleasant and embarrassing sensations. Certainly, side effects like flaky skin, redness, discomfort, accompany the itching despite the drugs. So, we have to find the answer to the question: "How to use essential oils? " to remedy.

how to use the essential oils great choice

How to use essential oils: some precautions to take

Namely that a biological oil is pure and of high quality while adulterated oils can be mixed with unknown or toxic ingredients or chemicals. These may be more likely to cause an adverse reaction.

That's why, the first thing before applying an essential oil on the skin is to mix with a carrier oil. Being highly condensed and very powerful, the essential oils used directly can cause irritation of the skin and rashes. In general, only a few drops are used, especially 5% of essential oil.

how to use different essential oils

In any case, it is imperative that you have made an allergic test. If you have neglected it and your skin is starting to blush, wash it quickly and consult your doctor. Without doubt, two targets that must ignore the use of essential oils are babies and pregnant women.

Among all the essential oils, we chose ten, very effective, which they too, should be used with caution.

How to use the essential oils of the rose?

Rose essential oil not only relaxes the mind and muscles but soothes the itch. The positive impact of its powerful aroma can be felt even from the bottle without direct contact.

Absolutely pure

how to use essential oils rose oil

Rose essential oil

how to use essential oils rose leaves

How to use the essential oils of bergamot?

Certainly, the effectiveness of bergamot essential oil consists in its anti-inflammatory properties. Thanks to a few drops in the diffuser, you can relieve the itching caused by stress, dust and various allergens.


how to use essential oils bergamot fruit

Bergamot with anti-inflammatory properties

how to use essential oils against itching

An aromatic resin or how to use the essential oils of myrrh?

By the way, myrrh essential oil hydrates the skin while nourishing it with antioxidants, like prevention of the infections. This essential oil also has anti-inflammatory properties but its effectiveness depends on the condition of the skin. So, do not forget to mix with a carrier oil.

Myrrh nourishes the skin with antioxidants

how to use essential oils for hydrated skin

Mix with a carrier oil

how to use essential oils essence of myrrh


Patchouli is listed among the essential oils with repellent effect. Thanks to its antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, patchouli essential oil is very popular in perfumery, laundry detergents and air fresheners.

Patchouli to treat itching

how to use natural oil essential oils

An essential oil of patchouli

how to use essential oils patchouli leaves

Incense and How to use essential oils ?

As prevention of itching rather than remedy, incense is a stimulant for the skin. It is even believed that his balm chases away the evil spirits of the house. The essential oil of incense relieves not only the irritated skin but accelerates the renewal of the cells.

Incense for cell renewal

how to use the essential oils stimulating for the skin

Frankincense relieves irritated skin

how to use the essential oils of the skin irritated skin

The tea tree

Despite its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antiviral properties, the essential oil of the tea tree must be used with care. It can be harmful to the skin except in the case of insect stings. Its effect of draining the skin can contribute to the development of bacteria.

It must be used with care

how to use tea tree essential oils

We must use with caution

how to use essential oils with thin and long leaves

How to use essential oils: peppermint is not just a repellent

Considering a study conducted in 2016 it was revealed that a topical application of peppermint essential oil is considered soothing to the skin and reducing inflammation. Due to its high concentration, this oil should be used sparingly in three different ways: topical application to the affected area, aromatic use through a diffuser for long-lasting effects or added to tea for toning purposes.

Essential oil flake of peppermint

how to use the essential oils of mint

Peppermint, lemon and lavender

how to use lemon and lavender essential oils

Helichrysum essential oil is a unique oil

Despite its rarity, it is one of the most powerful essential oils, with anti-allergenic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. It can relieve itching, reduce the inflammation caused by insect bites and promote the proper functioning of the immune system. As an alternative, several drops of helichrysum essential oil can be mixed with olive oil and applied directly to the affected area.

Helichrysum flowers

how to use the essential oils unique oil

Helichrysum essential oil

how to use essential oils helichrysum flowers

Eucalyptus is an essential element in aromatherapy while chamomile has a calming effect on the skin.

An essential element in aromatherapy

how to use essential oils eucalyptus extract

Eucalyptus is a skin soothing

how to use essential oils a eucalyptus leaf

Chamomile is soothing to the skin

how to use the essential oils chamomile aroma

The aroma of chamomile is soothing

how to use the essential oils chamomile des champs

In the list, we can add the essential oils of lavender and geranium.

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