Idea alley garden in 50 original and trendy examples

Idea Garden Path: accent on the decor to create a dream garden

Garden trails can be an interesting project to achieve if you already have a model in mind and the right materials to do the job. In this article we give you a lot of useful information to help you invent a garden alley idea and arrange it easily.

This zen garden-inspired garden path is made of large stones

garden courtyard stone path

The garden path is a fundamental element of our outdoor decor because it connects the entrance of the house with green spaces. It can take many forms and be covered with many coatings. There are dozens of models. Concrete, bricks, tiles, wood, natural stone, mosaic, gravel etc.

The style can also be different: modern, traditional, minimalist, Zen , campaign etc. Of course you have every chance to create the driveway of your dreams.

Indispensable to circulate comfortably, the Japanese steps bring a decorative touch to your garden

garden path not japanese

There are many reasons to build a garden path depending on the use. Mainly, it can be pedestrian (intended to be walked only) or drivable (for the passage of cars). Indeed, most of the coatings offered on the market can be used to create both types of aisles.

The garden path is often the first outdoor landscaping that we take care of when we move into a property

beautiful garden driveway

Tips for laying a path in the garden

The main role of the garden path is to keep your feet dry whatever the weather. Before starting construction, it is advisable to visually trace the path. Avoid creating zigzag or overly complex shapes, especially when you have to build more than one path or when it needs to be longer.

Easy to set up and adapting to all home styles, this type of driveway is timeless

interesting design garden path

Even when the aisles have an aesthetic role but not only practical to play, you can facilitate the layout with simple materials to implement. You only need to pay attention to certain details. As for example the possible installation of a weed felt or a layer of stabilizing material. Also consider the width of the aisle: 80 cm minimum for one person. Its size, as well as the materials are all important elements for a nice decor.

Concrete slabs come in a variety of sizes and colors

driveway garden concrete leaves

For a garden alley to stand the test of time, there are some tips to follow. First of all it is necessary that your alley has a slope of approximately 2 centimeters by meter, to allow the flow of the rain water. Then it must have the ability to resist frost and have a thickness of at least 4 centimeters. The permeability and the presence of an anti-disappearance layer are also not to be neglected.

Installing such a garden path is an economic and easy solution to implement in a garden

creative garden path

Idea garden path for a creative and deco exterior design

Copper slabs

alley copper slabs

aisle slabs and stones

garden path

A garden path made of paving stones undoubtedly brings an undeniable charm

garden path simple solution

color aisle

Feel free to play on the layout of the bricks by leaving space between them to sow turf

driveway garden pavers

concrete driveway

stone driveway

driveway made of concrete sheets

garden path

garden path gravel

The slabs have a surface on which it is easy to walk

driveway slabs and pebbles

Break the tiling into pieces to create a beautiful decoration

ceramic garden driveway and broken bricks

Indeed the wooden garden paths has a sober and natural aesthetic

wood driveway


Indeed the stone garden path allows to adapt to many forms

paved garden driveway

The garden path should be slip-resistant so you do not slip

walkway grating and gravel

Garden paths are a great way to connect parts of your yard and create separate areas

geometric aisle

garden path interesting idea

garden path idea

alley stones

Designing a stone garden path is an ultra durable and aesthetic solution

pathway river stones

stone and mosaic driveway

Give a character to your outdoor area

driveway wooden planks

pebbled driveway

wood and pebbles path garden

Alley in glass bottles

glass bottles garden alley

We love bricks for outdoor deco

bricks garden walkway

modular walkways garden walkway

garden path

garden path solution

original garden path

original path

idea of ​​original garden path

wood path

Not Japanese

idea garden alley

garden path lining

original idea garden path

pebbles pebbles driveway garden

diy garden path


driveway garden wood

driveway garden slate pebbles

mosaic pebble garden pathway

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