Idea braid: braided eyebrows are the new passion of women

Braid idea: braiding is the new trend in makeup

We talked a lot about eyebrows and their makeup. But the latest trend born on Instagram has succeeded in inspiring women around the world. The 'twisted eyebrows' and their beautiful look evoke a series of questions. 'How did you produce this effect?', 'Can I test too?', Etc. The technique is, like most optical effects, quite simple. Just watch the video below the article and follow the instructions. This is actually a great braid idea, but this time you have to braid your eyebrows. Great, no?

An interesting makeup trend

beautiful makeup eyebrows

Beauty lovers who like to follow the latest fashion trends, have already tried the Braided Brows trick. And although the eyebrows really seem to be braided, it's actually an illusion that can only be achieved in a matter of minutes. In order to create the braided look, all you need is an eyebrow pencil and a gel.

First, with the pencil, follow the natural shape of the eyebrows and draw wavy lines. Then use the eyebrow gel to fix the hair.

A perfect result

braids of the eyebrows

Braided Brows

It all started with an Instagram photo of 17-year-old Los Angeles makeup artist and erotic eyebrow, Eros Gomez. But he shared his picture with the statement that it was just a joke and that the photo had been processed. In reality, the eyebrows are not long enough to be braided. The photo spread quickly in the net and found many sympathizers at beauty bloggers. And now, a new trend has emerged.

Recently, women's eyebrows have undergone a lot of changes in shape. From super-thick eyebrows to those that look like bird feathers or waves, ladies like to experiment. Of course, we know that the normal length of the eyebrows does not allow them to be braided. However, it turns out that it is not necessary at all. With just the right makeup and a little patience, you can have beautiful braided eyebrows.

Have you already 'braided' your eyebrows?

braids eyebrows

The braided eyebrows fashion, in Photoshop or comic version, was born on Instagram

eyebrow mat

Idea make-up effect mat

twisted eyebrows

At first glance one says to oneself 'But how is it possible?'

braid blond eyebrows

After wavy eyebrows, braided eyebrows enter

braid eyebrows

A photo created this trend

diy braided eyebrows

We can also add extensions on the eyebrows

eyebrow extensions

A pretty optical illusion

eyebrow makeup idea

Adopt a unique style

braided eyebrows idea

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