Ideas for a small kitchen

One of the most important house parts, the heart of your home - it's the kitchen. We will give you tips on how to set up a small kitchen.

Ideas for a small kitchen

So, how to properly develop a small kitchen and everything have its place? There are simple astuses for doing this. It's a very easy mission, when you have a plan to follow. But where you have to put away kitchen utensils, plates, pans, lids, etc. It all depends on the frequency of use.

The plates

First, how to organize plates in a small kitchen? There are storage accessories to store your plates in a closet or drawer. This will allow you to organize the space well.

Store Storage rack for plates - price 23,37 € on

storage for plates

Vertical storage for plates

storage for plates

And at the same time, another idea how to separate the plates

2-storey shelf - price 13,99 € on

two-level shelf for separating plates

practical accessory to save space in your kitchen

And another idea for the plates

Rayen 6074 Hanging shelf - for kitchen cupboards - price 27,34 € on

And another idea for the plates

store shelf plates

Drawer storage

But where should the spoons, the forks and the knives be placed, to arrange a small kitchen? Take yourself an extendable drawer storage compartment, and also many compartments, to maintain the good order of your kitchen. The storage models are nobrous, but here are some ideas to choose.

Relaxdays 10018883 Extendable Covered Range - price 25,04 € on

Drawer storage

To create a small kitchen

Storage for bamboo drawer

ToCi Wooden Cutlery Tray - price 13,95 € on

to organize the drawer


On the other hand, if you do not have space for knives in the extendable cutlery rack, you can use a magnetic wall bar. In truth, it is a very practical accessory, which will allow you to store utensils without losing space.

Magnetic Wall Knife Holder - price 10,99 € on

magnetic wall bar for knives

magnetic knife holder


Another idea to organize the small kitchen - use a knife block.

Cylindrical and compact stainless steel knife block from Coninx - price 22,00 € on

knife block for a small, well-organized kitchen

So, it is also important to put the stoves and lids in order. There are products to facilitate storage and save space in your small kitchen. For example:

Combrichon 5091150 Plate Drip Tray - price 23,90 € on

pan lids

And since the lid holder is very functional

Metaltex lids - price 18,90 € on

how to properly store the lids

store lids

And to properly store stoves and pans

Lifewit Pots Holder - price 26,99 € on

tidy up the stoves


It's time to mention the spices and how to tidy them up. There are many possibilities, depending on where you want to keep them. To optimize the place of cupboards, there are spice racks for cupboards.

Spice rack - price 22,99 € on

Spice rack

And again a range of spices, which mounts on the wall or the closet door.

Wall Mount for Spices - price 17,99 € on

Wall Mount for Spices

shelf for spices

Indeed, there are many models of shelves for spices.

Rotating spice display 12 glass jars - price 29,00 €

Ideas for a small kitchen

Rotary display

spice display

And finally, the bottles

If you need to store wine bottles, choose a convenient storage for bottles.

Relaxdays Bamboo Wine Shelf - price 28, 34 € on

for a small kitchen a wine rack

Bottle holder bottle holder - price 14,90 € on

bottle holder

And finally, with these ideas how to build a small kitchen, your room must be more functional and organized. Do not hesitate to redecorate your home.

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