Indoor fountain: invite the Zen spirit into your home

Indoor fountain for a soothing atmosphere at home

Always timeless, the indoor fountain is a decorative object with designs and animations constantly renewed by manufacturers. This zen decoration has a relaxing effect thanks to the rustle of water that can hide the uncomfortable noises around you. After a tiring day or for moments of pampering, a fountain is synonymous with serenity and relaxation. In addition, it optimally humidifies the surrounding air and naturally releases negative ions that fight against dust. A symbol of well-being and balance, water brings a vital breath to the different rooms of the house, but also to the outside.

Decorative object and well-being trend

indoor fountain idea

The symbolism of water and nature in the interior

In recent years, all that is natural is trendy. We try to bring nature back home. Decorative plants, plant walls, hanging pots with flowers, fountains . The originality in these decorations brings a touch of exoticism to the interior and creates a small garden within your home.

As history shows, people around the world have a natural attraction for water. Indeed, it is an element that evokes purification. At the origin of life, water represents prosperity and harmony. That's why installing a fountain in a mini size in your home is a good idea for those who want to balance the energies in the house. However, it is important to know that only fountains whose water flows from top to bottom are favorable to stimulate good air circulation.

The perpetual lapping of the fountain is indeed an element of concentration and meditation

house fountain

The indoor fountain for all tastes

The indoor fountain is reserved for sumptuous interiors only. There are miniature fountains, in the form of small waterfalls, to plug into an electrical outlet. Some resemble a Zen Japanese garden, others diffuse different melodies or are illuminated by small diodes that sparkle the water. Of any size and any style, you will certainly find a real trendy object that will allow you to create an atmosphere in the rooms of your house.

Most fountains work on the same principle: a pump concealed under the decor makes water flow in a basin, usually ceramic, synthetic resin or glass. Just put a little water in the cauldron . The circulation of water is in a closed cycle.

A beautiful fountain that will take you back to the source of life: water

interior decorative fountain

zen spirit fountain

A big advantage of these fountains is that they are not at all cumbersome

fountain for room

small indoor fountain

This waterfall indoor fountain really helps to give a nice effect to your home

zen fountain

fountain for the house

Beautiful decoration element

decorative fountain

metal wood fountain

Bring an Asian atmosphere to your home

bamboo fountaine

house fountain

Adopt this ball fountain to beautify your home and enjoy its multiple benefits

rustic house fountain

buddha fountain

Apart from its aesthetic appearance, this house fountain evacuates stress

bright indoor fountain

fountain interior decorative object

rustic indoor fountain

Some fountains give the impression of being in stone, but in reality they are made of resin

deco fountain idea

original fountain

As a decorative fountain, this one is ideal to give life to your interior thanks to its dim lighting

fountaine buddha resin

indoor decorative fountains

mini waterfall

stone fountain

decorative fountain

indoor fountain hands glass ball

indoor fountain flowers

relaxing feng shui fountain

In some models relaxation is also provided by a lighting system

feng shui ball water fountain humidifier air

trendy decorative fountain

electric indoor water fountain

meditation buddha fountain

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