Indoor garden - growing plants in urban areas

It is possible to create an indoor garden even on a small space

Add green plants one piece makes it more enjoyable. In addition, plants help to filter the air of a home. When you live in the city in an apartment without a balcony, you need to introduce a little greenery. The indoor garden (urban gardening) is not just a fashion but an eco-friendly way to grow plants at home.

You can create a beautiful green space directly inside your home

indoor garden apartment

indoor garden on shelves

It is always possible to garden, even in a small space like a studio or a bathroom of reduced size. The mini indoor garden is very practical to put a little green in the everyday by realizing it directly in your interior. For this, you just need to find a space whose brightness will match the plants you want to integrate. Let your imagination do the rest. Plantations in recycled objects, vertical gardens, plant paintings etc ... The possibilities of installation are not lacking and allow you to bring freshness and create a relaxing atmosphere in your home.

The vegetable has its place in the interior decoration

interior plant wall

elegant interior garden

How to grow plants in the interior: tips and tricks

Which plants to choose

Most garden plants can be grown in an indoor environment. Many possibilities are available to you: flowers, succulents, cacti or herbs (basil, oregano, coriander). However, the reduced space in an apartment needs to be limited to small plants, which do not make long roots. For example many flowers such as roses are available in miniature version, as well as alpine plants, mosses or topiaries. Also think of naturally small plants such as pansies, violets, daisies, primroses, beeches.

The interior of your house has many possibilities for food production

garden in the kitchen

indoor greenhouse

There are also other crops that are adapted to the indoor conditions. You can create a mini vegetable garden with small fruits and vegetables. Opt for cherry tomatoes, lamb's lettuce, mushrooms, green peas, strawberries.

Small hanging gardens

hanging plants indoor garden

plants in bottles

How to arrange the plants

Indeed, many plants, including aromatic herbs and tomatoes, can for example be grown on a window sill. Placed there, they will enjoy the light and decorate this space. In addition, 'window farms' are systems of vertical cultivation that hang near windows. These installations allow optimal capture of natural light by plants. Avoid only the proximity of electric plugs or cables; do not risk a watering accident.

garden on window sill

The mini indoor garden is very convenient to put a little greenery in his daily life

green plants on the window sill bathroom

Light is probably very important for your plants. Ideally, it should be indirect but sufficient to allow photosynthesis and plant survival. Indeed, even if you have plants put on a window sill, you have to make sure that the sunshine is good. If necessary buy a growth lamp . Be sure to position it near the plant, but not too close to avoid burning the leaves.

Gardening is not an activity reserved only outside

plants in a kitchen

small urban garden

When arranging plants, larger plants should not hide light from smaller ones. Adjust the size and number of pots instead you have. Use your small height space by hanging some plants above the worktop in deco macrame for example. Or, combine the plants on one or more shelves.

A mini autonomous and intelligent indoor garden to grow your herbs

small creative garden

Multifunctional garden that keeps plants at your fingertips throughout the year

small indoor garden herbs

How to treat your indoor garden

Your indoor garden will certainly need more frequent watering than an outdoor garden. At home, the earth of the pots dries more quickly. It is recommended to water with water at room temperature and without soaking. There is no need to invest in a watering system or a hydroponic system. Simple pots, a lamp with adequate light spectrum, a reflector equipped with a ballast, a simple timer and a small weather station measuring temperature and humidity may be sufficient.

Concerning the soil, it depends mainly on the species of plants. It will be easier for you to buy special sachets for houseplants in garden centers.

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