Jewelry storage - the best ideas for organizing your jewelry

If you are looking for solutions how to organize your necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, we offer you here interesting ideas of jewelry storage

jewelry storage ideas diy

So, what is the best way to perfectly organize your jewelry? Here are our suggestions how to keep things in order in the jewelry box, to find them more easily and keep them as well. Find here why jewelery storage is a totally possible mission.

Use your imagination to store jewels

storage jewelry diy

rings and bracelets

The ice cube tray

For us, it's an original idea how to reuse the ice cube tray. It's a very economical way, and the little treasures are perfect for storing your rings, earrings, or medallions. Place the ice bin in your drawer, for example.

Original storage idea

ice cube tray for storage idea jewelry

The ice cube tray with jewels - perfect for your drawer

storage jewelry ice cube tray

DIY project easy to achieve

ice cube tray for jewelry storage

jewelry storage for rings

Reuse the egg box for jewelry storage

Another creative idea how to organize your jewelry in a practical and interesting way. You can turn the boring box of a masterpiece into pretty colors, for example. One of the advantages of reusing the egg box in this way is the possibility of placing it in a drawer or on a shelf. Egg compartments provide the ideal opportunity to keep your rings or necklaces there.

Since the egg box is ideal for placing your jewelry there

egg carton box

Practical and original

storage jewelry ideas

Decorate the boxes

storage box decorated egg box

Original accessory for your jewelry

jewelry storage in a box

Jewelry storage - embroidery drum

You can use an embroidery drum not only to create a pretty embroidery, but also to store your jewelry. Nevertheless, it is a very easy project to realize, and at the same time it is a very beautiful wall decoration too. You only need an embroidery drum and a cotton cloth, or a lace. This jewelry holder display is essential to organize in style your earrings and create a wall decoration.

Jewelry storage and wall decor

interesting idea for a jewelry storage

Jewelry Holder - DIY project with tree branches

The tree-shaped jewelry holder is a decorative object and fun, but at the same time very practical. It allows you to hang your necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings on the branches. One of the examples of making yourself at home is using an empty glass bottle, or even a glass vase, and an old metal hanger, to recreate the tree branches. And of course, you can paint the tree branches, to make your wooden jewelry stand prettier.

For your jewels

diy storage jewelry tree

DIY proposal for storing jewelry

diy storage jewelry shape tree

Tree shaped jewelry holder

golden jewelry storage shaped tree

Turn a hanger into a jewelry rack

To recreate this original idea, you need an old wooden hanger and some hooks to hang earrings, or necklaces. It's a nice idea for jewelry storage to make at home.

How to reuse a wooden hanger

diy project storage jewelry

No doubt the use of a hanger like a jewelery storage is a good idea

wall jewelry storage

how to store necklaces- jewelry storage

DIY ideas - jewelry storage

jewelry storage for necklaces

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