Kitchen accessory - our proposals for decorating your dishes

Very easy to use, the wide range of kitchen accessories allows you to decorate your dishes in a simple and original way

lace on the cake accessory kitchen

Nothing like a very delicious, home-made meal. Or even a dessert, or a salad that is decorated only. If you want to impress your guests, opt for a kitchen accessory, which will help you create a masterpiece. And of course, your child can also participate in the decoration and make a nice cake, for example.

For inspiration, see here our selection of cooking tools , to make a design meal.

Since cookies are easier to do with this patterned roll

kitchen accessory

Kitchen accessory for desserts

You like to make cakes, cookies and other desserts, but you lack inspiration and ideas, here we offer you a list of original accessories, to create something fun.

To decorate your desserts

kitchen accessory ideas

The rolling pin of motifs: This type of roll allows you to compose a unique and unforgettable dessert, in a very easy way. It will help you add a touch of originality and style to your desserts. It is ideal to give a relief to your cake, or decorate cookies and shortbread.

Roll of patterns - the best idea how to decorate cookies

kitchen accessory for unique cookies

Stencil for cake: Using this cake stencil you can easily decorate your pastries. To make these interesting and pretty patterns, you need cocoa powder. The other variant is to use coffee, dye spray or icing sugar, for example. It is advisable to combine the diameter of the stencil with the diameter of the mold for the cake.

Kitchen accessory - stencil

kitchen accessory stencil cake

Food lace rug: It is a kitchen accessory, whose use is very easy and simple. Nevertheless, it will help you realize the best decoration of pretty lace for your cake .

How to make this lace and decorate a cake

original cake accessory kitchen

Lace rug, very easy to use, for an adorable cake

silicone kitchen accessory for a cake

Step by step how to use the lace carpet

how to make chocolate lace kitchen accessory

Flower lace rug

lace for cake accessory kitchen

Decorate plates or dishes

Spoon pen: Very easy to use, the spoon pen is ideal for decorating your plates, or prepared dishes. This spoon with a feather shape is very practical, and it will allow you to serve your dishes in a beautiful plate for your guests. You can draw with a sweet or savory sauce on the plate, or even write a message.

kitchen accessory - spoon Feather

Feather spoons to add a touch of originality to your plates, or even on dishes

kitchen accessory - spoon decoration

Use your imagination

draw on kitchen accessory plate

And create a unique design plate

decorate a kitchen accessory plate

Transform your plates and make drawings

kitchen accessory decorate the plates

plates decoration accessories kitchen

A cake perfect for your party

silicone lace rug

kitchen accessory

wedding cake accessory kitchen

to make at home a pretty cake with lace- with a kitchen accessory

create interesting biscuits kitchen accessory

for cookies kitchen accessory

roll with motifs kitchen accessory

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