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Kitchen credenza - protection and decoration

Decorative and resistant, installed on the wall between the worktop and high furniture (vertical space of 50 to 70 cm), the kitchen credenza probably occupies an important place in the development today. It is an element for dressing ripe whose decor is coordinated with that of the work plan.

In the kitchen the credenza is not only used to protect the wall against splashes of grease, water or other messy materials. It is also a real asset deco and fits well everywhere. She wears techno materials (glass, synthetic resin, ceramic, compact laminate) with various finishes (monochrome, effects of materials or trend prints). Very often it is exploited by equipping it with shelves, lockers, bars to hang utensils, cups, knife holders etc.

The main demands on a kitchen credenza must be: be adaptable, functional, easy to maintain, equipped with lighting and with the ability to allow the installation of storage.

The life of a kitchen is relatively long, but fashions and tastes evolve faster. Indeed, there is a great diversity of credence with which we can make a few changes to revamp a kitchen become outdated. Better to use waterproof and heat resistant materials. To choose according to your tastes, the style of the kitchen and of course your budget.

The various materials

Floor tile

The tiled splashback is the one most often found in kitchens. It is possible to find it in many shades, patterns and effects materials (earthenware, glazed terracotta, porcelain stoneware). Its wide range of formats and colors allows it to integrate into any atmosphere. The tiling of today is very modern thanks to design tiles, material effects imitating marble, wood, concrete, metal, slate.

Tiling resists everything from moisture to heat. On the other hand, the joints tend to get dirty.

Tiling is back in force with innovative material effects and multiple formats

Tiles withstand everything: stains, shocks and cleaning products

In the trade there are many models and prices

Maintenance can be tedious when joints get dirty

Stainless steel

Ideal to give a metallized, luminous and professional aspect to the kitchen, the credence in stainless steel is simply the perfect wall covering. Chic and design, the stainless steel seduces by its industrial look and its brilliance. The advantages of this material are that it is indestructible, dimensionally stable, unbreakable, non-porous and hygienic. In addition it is resistant to heat, water and corrosion. On the other hand it skates over time.

In kitchen credenza, stainless steel acts as a mirror and reflects the light

The stainless steel credenza is very design, it fits perfectly in a contemporary kitchen

Especially messy when it is smooth, stainless steel is sensitive to scratches


Glass is very popular for kitchen furniture because it is easy to maintain and very resistant. Cut to measure, it will adapt perfectly to your work plan. It can be found in the form of large plates or small tiles. The glass used for credence is tempered glass.

Contemporary material, the glass brings to the credence brightness, shine and effect of depth. It can be transparent, frosted, sandblasted, embossed, painted (lacquered or enamelled on its internal surface), with matt or shiny effect.

The glass is 100% non-porous, healthy and seamless. Its main disadvantage is that it is relatively resistant to heat, shock and scratches.

The glass kitchen credenza finds its place in contemporary kitchens

Available in the form of panels or tiles, the glass is offered in a beautiful color palette

The glass credenza is beautiful and bright but gets dirty very quickly


To add a touch of charm to your kitchen, think of the wooden credenza. It is sold in the form of slats of solid wood, laminated or laminated. Beautiful and warm, it is 100% natural. In beech, oak, pine, birch, maple or elm, wood shades vary and adapt to all tastes. We still use exotic wood deemed rotproof such as teak, Ipe, merbeau, iroko, zebrano.

If you opt for wood, you should know that it is resistant to scratches and heat and standing water. To make it more resistant and durable, it applies varnish and oil treatment.

The wood brings to the kitchen a warm and authentic side

Over time, the wood patines and reveals all its beauty

Synthetic resin

Synthetic resin is a composite material that is highly resistant to heat and moisture. In addition, it is sold in the form of sheets to cut and stick. Based on mineral powder and acrylic resin, this high-tech material, of which Corian is the most popular representative, belongs to the Solid Surface family.

It is a non-porous, hygienic, stain-resistant material that does not fade over time. It is very easily renovable and repairable via a small sanding and polishing.

Soft to the touch, Corian brings an original touch to the kitchen

It's the trendy material in the kitchen

Actually synthetic resin offers more than 100 colors


Composed of a water-repellent chipboard coated with a decorative face, the laminate covers large areas in one piece and offers multiple colors and finishes: plain appearance, speckled, marbled, granite, woody. It is a solid material, waterproof and easy to maintain. On the other hand it fears the high temperatures (more than 180 ° C).

It is sold commercially in the form of sticky sheets or panels. Its wide variety of colors, colors and finishes allows it to find its place in all environments.

The laminate is appreciated for its attractive price-performance ratio and its wide range of aesthetic options

The laminate kitchen credenza is criticized for its low resistance to heat


The credenzas in zenolite or acrylic show the brilliance and appearance of glass. Transparent or tinted, they allow all custom shapes with a design look. Their surfaces are smooth, non-porous, with no junctions or joints visible and easy to clean.

The acrylic is repairable and can be renovated by simple sanding

Indeed this material is sensitive to scratches and fears heat

Waxed concrete

You can get decorative waxed concrete that you can apply wherever you want. You can also opt for concrete slabs or make concrete using a kit that contains the ingredients necessary for its preparation. Matte, textured, shiny or smooth, it comes in all forms.

The disadvantage of this material is that it is sensitive to fat projections that leave traces on it.

Thanks to its water-repellent system, waxed concrete adapts perfectly to the kitchen

The polished concrete brings to the kitchen a raw and industrial side


The plastic splashback is self-adhesive and self-adhesive, very easy to install. It can be found under many motives: vintage, country, romantic, etc. The disadvantage is that the plastic is not very resistant to heat.

The price is reasonable and the pose is easy

Plastic kitchen credenza

Natural stone

The credenza of natural stone (marble or granite) is very popular because it offers a large number of colors and finishes. It is marketed in the form of tiles to fix on a support. The disadvantage of this credence is its porosity. It requires a pre-treatment water repellent, as well as daily maintenance.

Natural stone kitchen credenza

It gives a natural and sweet touch to the kitchen


Indeed, the painting is also a wall covering and can be used as credence in his kitchen. On the other hand, note that a credence painting must be a leachable acrylic paint or a glycerophtalic paint.

Put paint in place of a kitchen credenza

Be sure to apply the paint on a clean and imperfections-free surface

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