Kitchen utensil - for cutting and peeling fruits and vegetables

To quickly and easily prepare vegetables and fruits into perfectly cut pieces, the solution is a special kitchen utensil for this purpose.

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In case you want to save time in the kitchen and at the same time prepare something interesting and unique, find here our selection. There are utensils that allow you to cut a banana or mango into equal pieces, for example. Or a kitchen appliance that peels, cuts and slices a pineapple.

So, on the market we can find a wide variety of kitchen utensils.

Kitchen utensil peel and cut

If you want to prepare a different dish, add a fun touch to the table and decorate in an original and unique way in seconds, do not hesitate to buy one of the utensils.

kitchen tool

How to cut and peel vegetables and fruits quickly

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Interesting kitchenware ideas to inspire you

In this order of words, it is probably time to mention the kitchen accessories for fruits.


banana how to cut into perfect pieces

pieces of banana

With this banana cut you can slice the banana in a fast and effortless movement. It is the ideal solution to prepare very quickly a fruit salad for example.

cut a banana cooking utensil

BlueBeach® Banana Slicer Peeler Cutter Chopper - price 5,50 € on

cut a banana cooking utensil 2

Also, on the market you can still find an idea how to cut bananas quickly and effortlessly.

Chef'n Banana Cut - price 10,91 € on

Banana cutout kitchen utensil

To cut bananas fast

Banana cutout kitchen utensil 3



Strawberries for a breakfast during the summer

strawberries cut fruit kitchen utensil

And now, still a product idea for fruits. It's a strawberry cutter - to make a strawberry or fruit salad cake without wasting time.

kitchen utensil cut fruits

Cooking utensil for cutting strawberries - price 13,23 € on

Kitchen utensil for cutting strawberries

Kitchen utensil for cutting strawberries 4

There are products on the market not only to cut strawberries into equal pieces, but also to make them easier for you. This product also allows to remove the tails of tomatoes.

Chef'N - "Stemgem" - Strawberry And Tomato Strawberries - price 8,48 € on

kitchen utensil for strawberries

kitchen utensil for strawberries 5


Nevertheless if you need a kitchen utensil for pineapples, there is a great diversity of this type of products.

pineapple kitchen utensils for fruits

To prepare a fruit salad effortlessly and easily

pineapple kitchen utensil for fruits 6

Rösle RS12803 Pineapple slice stainless steel - price 35,30 € on

A stainless steel product that is perfect for cutting and peeling pineapple in seconds.

kitchen utensil slice pineapple

Or another idea of ​​a pineapple cut, made of plastic, that peels, scours and cuts the fruit in one movement.

Tefal K2080714 D2 Pineapple cut - price £ 4.99 on

Tefal cut pineapple kitchen utensil


avocado kitchen utensil for peeling and cutting

Avocado - a delicious fruit

avocado kitchen utensil for peeling and cutting 7

Of course, we must not forget one of the fruits we love - the lawyer. Full of vitamins and minerals, it is very delicious too. Here we will offer you a kitchen utensil "3 in 1" which is also practical and easy to use.

oxo Avocado Slicer 3 in 1 - price 11,99 € on

Cut the avocado in half.

Kitchen utensil - for cutting and peeling fruits and vegetables

Use the stoner.

Kitchen utensil - for cutting and peeling fruits and vegetables 8

Finally, separate the pulp from the skin and cut it.

Kitchen utensil - for cutting and peeling fruits and vegetables 9


cherries kitchen utensil

Since in the kitchen we need a tool to quickly remove stones

cherries kitchen utensil 10

We propose here a stoner with cherry and olive. It is a practical kitchen utensil that allows you to remove kernels quickly and easily at the same time.

Tescoma Handy Cherry Stoner - price 21,40 € on

stoner cherry kitchen utensil

melon / watermelon


In truth, one can also find a kitchen utensil that cuts melons and watermelons. It's an innovative and practical product too.


Watermelon / Melon Cup - price 15,99 € on

kitchenware pastéque cut

And also another idea how to cut watermelons easily.

Watermelon knife - price 9,99 € on

melon cooking utensil

Without doubt, we should not forget to inspire you with an interesting cooking tool, which in combination with your imagination will give a beautiful look of fruit and vegetable salads. You can choose from heart shape, flower, star, circle, sun and butterfly.


Anokay Cutout / Shape Fruits & Vegetables for decoration - price € 12.99 on

deco fruit vegetable kitchen utensil

ProCuisine 5-Blades Spiralizer - price 23,97 € on

It's a compact device, which will help you transform meals in a fun way, thanks to fun spiraling vegetables.

Kitchen utensil - for cutting and peeling fruits and vegetables

Finally, a product that will help you prepare potato meals, for example. It is an electric peeler for fruits and vegetables, which will not only allow you to peel effortlessly, but is also automatic.

Electric peeler - price 21,20 € on

Electric peeler kitchen utensil

Product that is probably easy to use


To conclude

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Or another inspiration

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