Laminate parquet on the wall: a very trendy wall installation

Here is a very weird idea to dress the walls in an original way, using laminate flooring

laminate flooring lay on the wall

Created to be installed on the floor, laminate flooring, placed on the wall will help you renew your interior with style. The realization of this creative idea is very easy, is the result is a contemporary cladding of the walls and a warm atmosphere. One of the advantages is the wide range of models, colors, textures and widths to choose from.

For a warm atmosphere

modern living room with laminate flooring

The laminate parquet

Laminate parquet is not a real parquet, but it imitates wood patterns. This type of parquet is composed of at least 3 layers: a transparent shockproof surface (wear layer), which is very resistant, printed pattern that imitates wood, a resistant base in pvc or resin (support) and a counter balance. The laminate flooring is economical, perfect for decorating any room in the house, and it is installed very quickly and simply as well. Here's how to succeed a wall with laminate flooring.


parquet laminate composition

Trendy wall decoration

pretty and original idea laminate flooring for your wall

Parquet for the kitchen

kitchen with laminate wood floor

Laying laminate flooring ... on the wall

First, remove the floorboards in the room for 48/72 hours before assembly. It is necessary to adapt to the temperature and humidity of the room. Make sure the wall surface is absolutely flat, before starting the assembly.

The first possibility is to glue the blades directly to the wall. The other option is to nail the floorboards to the wall. But how do you realize this idea? First, start with the first board in a corner and make sure it is leveled with a spirit level. Continue placing the other boards to lay the first row of laminate flooring. Then fix each board in the wall, using a nailer. After that install the next row and nail the boards to the end. It is very important to glue the battens in the fourth row with a parquet glue, or silicone sealant, and fix them with the nailer. Glue a row of parquet on four and then secure with the nailer.

Lay the parquet on the wall

how to fix the laminate parquet on the wall

Using a nailer

how to lay parquet laminate on the wall

Or even use a double-sided tape

idea how to lay parquet laminate on the wall

unique design with laminate parquet on the wall

Proposal to separate a corner for your office

original idea parquet laminate wall

interior parquet laminate wall

bathroom laminate flooring

modern room with laminate flooring on a wall

for the bedroom parquet laminate

laminate parquet project on the wall

bathroom with laminate parquet wall

bedroom parquet laminate

bedroom in white and wood with laminate parquet on the wall

modern room with laminate flooring on the wall

pretty laminate parquet idea for the wall

parquet laminate bedroom

parquet laminate ideas

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