Lavender essence: how to prepare and use

Are there people who do not recognize the lavender plant and its smell? Lavender is a flower that can be seen in gardens, parks and, of course, in the fields. It has a purple color and when you inhale its aroma, you are taken by pleasant sensations. Is it just an illusion or this pretty scented plant has magical powers? The answer to this question is very simple. In fact, lavender is one of many plant species that have therapeutic properties. In this article, we will talk about the essence of lavender and its benefits for health.

Make yourself some lavender oil

lavender plant lavender oil

Lavender, the famous herb of Provence has become so popular and used thanks to its curative effects. Indeed, the lavender essential oil is among the best-selling oils on the market because of its soothing action on the mind. In fact, there are many products containing this oil: creams, lip balms , bath salts and even chocolates and ice creams.

It's really hard to recognize the good ones. That's why you can make them yourself, at the base of homemade gasoline.

Indeed, lavender is among the most versatile and popular plants

lavender oil spa essence of lavender

The preparation of essences at home is not very complicated and does not require any particular skill or experience. You need just very few ingredients and patience. Generally, all parts of lavender contain essential oils, but their concentration is stronger in the flowers. To obtain lavender oil, you must use another odorless oil that acts as a solvent. For example, it can be olive oil, almond oil or sesame oil.

Lavender oil is a component of many cosmetic products

lavender lavender oil lavender oil

The ingredients for your lavender essence:

1/2 liter of olive oil or almond

50 g dried lavender flowers

The preparation :

As we have already said, the preparation of lavender essence is quite simple. First, remove the dried flowers from the stems. Then crush the flowers in your hands so that the essential oils are better released accordingly, and put them in a big way. jar glass type Mason jar. Heat the oil in a bain-marie and pour over the lavender flowers in the jar. Close it and place it in a warm place, but do not expose it directly to the sun. After about four weeks, your DIY lavender essence will be ready and you can filter it. Here !

How to use lavender flowers

preparation essence of lavender flowers

Beneficial properties of lavender oil

Here is a brief overview of the useful properties of this precious essence:

  • Calming effect on the nervous system
  • antibacterial action
  • Analgesic and relaxing effect
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Effective against sleep disorders, stress, panic attacks, infections, skin irritation
  • Relieves headaches
  • Regulates gastric and intestinal problems

Best known for its relaxing properties, lavender oil has many other virtues

lavender essence preparation

You can prepare lavender tea using fresh or dried flowers. In the form of small scented sachets, lavender can be placed in the wardrobe to keep moths away from clothes. Another application idea: prepare scented water and spray the cushions just before bedtime. You will probably sleep much more deeply. All you have to do is dilute a few drops of gasoline in the water and pour the resulting liquid into a spray bottle. By the way, lavender essence is also perfect as a massage oil. If the aroma is too intense for you, you can add more olive oil or other oil during preparation.

On hot summer days, you can prepare refreshing lemonade with lavender or a delicious syrup. Chocolate mousse and some cakes can be garnished and enriched with dried lavender flowers. You can also make bath salts or soap with flowers or oil. Finally, if you have an aromatic lamp, you can fill it with water and lavender oil.

The Romans enjoyed the aromatic qualities of lavender in the baths

therapeutic properties essence of lavender

Lavender essential oil, or lavender

lavender essential oil lavender oil

Indeed, the aroma of lavender soothes the nerves and regulates the nervous system

soap and lavender bath salt lavender oil

Dried flowers

lavender flowers dried lavender oil

The lavender plant

lavender flowers lavender oil


use essence of lavender aromatherapy

Face cream

lavender essence lavender face cream

Essential oil

lavender oil

Lavender bath salt

lavender bath salts lavender oil

Lavender soap

lavender oil soap lavender oil

Scented water

lavender scented water essence lavender

lavender virtues lavender oil

lavender oil lavender oil

Lavender tea

lavender tea lavender oil

products containing lavender lavender oil

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