Light garland for a cozy atmosphere

Housed in a bedroom, living room, or garden, the light garland is ideal for transforming the atmosphere and adding a romantic and magical touch

modern living room decoration light garland

The light garland is a beautiful decoration, which will help you make the space around you more summery, more romantic, warmer and cozy, and illuminate it with style. The garlands of light are available in different colors, shapes and materials, for use outdoors or indoors.

And we must not forget to mention, it is also a beautiful Christmas decoration - to decorate the windows, the Christmas tree, the chimney etc. Discover here our decorative ideas to realize, with the help of a light garland.

Perfect for making the space more cozy

lighting for the courtyard light garland

Garland light to decorate the bedroom

decoration room with light garland

Party decoration

deco table garland light

Light garland for the bedroom

To make the bedroom more romantic and cozy, and at the same time to change the lighting, do not hesitate to opt for the light garland. It's a cool decor idea, which is not expensive, and original at the same time. You can install it above your bed or around the window, for example. The lighting in the room should be nice and functional at the same time.

A relaxing decoration

how to decorate your bedroom light garland

Example how to transform the atmosphere

how to decorate the bedroom light garland

In the child's room

The decoration of the children's room with light garlands is actually a very good idea. It will bring a softness and add a light color and light in your child's room. Prefer models plastic and fabric colors, which are very pretty, to create a nice decor. And also the garlands are very practical for hanging pictures.

The light garlands are perfect for the kids room too

ideas how to decorate with a light garland

To light the child's room

baby room garland light decoration

Place the garland under a bell

The garland under a bell is a pretty and trendy decoration for your interior and exterior. Placed in the center of the table, near the window, on the fireplace or in the garden, no doubt it is a pretty idea, and original too.

beautiful fairy garland decoration

Opt for the cocooning atmosphere for your living room

light garland under bell

Wedding decoration

Imagine how the decor with light garlands will transform the mood of your wedding. You can hang them on the ceiling of the reception room, or around the arch of flowers for example, and have the dream wedding. You can also place them along an alley, on tables, under a bell, or on tree branches. Use the garlands to bring a romantic, warm, festive touch and illuminate the decoration.

how to decorate your wedding garland light

decoration garden wedding garland light

romantic decoration light garland

original idea wedding garland light

romantic decor with a light garland

bright garland wedding ideas

wedding ideas how to decorate light garland

for your wedding garland light

add a romantic touch with a light garland

chelating atmosphere for your garden light garland

romantic light garland atmosphere

decorative bedroom light garland

children's room decoration light garland

children's room decoration idea with light garland

festive decoration light garland

deco garland light living room

garden decoration with light garland

christmas decoration light garland

original decoration

decorative piece light garland

decorate the fence light garland

decoration fair garland light

diy idea light garland

light garland child room

decorative garland decoration

light garland for the child's room

light garland under bell idea

light garland on the floor

garland light decoration living room

idea for your garden light garland

decorative garden with light garland

decorative garden light garland

pretty light garland decoration

the light garland to decorate

house decoration garland

wedding decoration light garland

wedding light garland lighting

for the light garland room

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