Make a light table to light up your evenings

Illuminating the darkness and spending warm evenings with loved ones is a great idea. In this article we will explain how to make a DIY project: make a magic light table.

DIY: light table

light table

Do you know that the professional luminescent powder mix and transparent casting resin is ideal for creating decorative objects? For the creation of your phosphorescent table you also need wooden planks. We will use the bald cypress wood (pecky cypress). Before proceeding with the manufacture of the table we will reveal the secret of the magical effect.

Cypress wood, naturally damaged by mold, has cracks, grooves, cavities that can be easily filled with epoxy resin and phosphorescent pigments. Once this mixture is hardened, just put the table in the light so that it can take care of the sun's rays. The result is really beautiful: your table shines in the night!

Make an illuminating decorative table

The materials

  • circular saw
  • screwdriver
  • grinder
  • sander
  • fine-grained sandpaper
  • rafters
  • screw
  • glue
  • band-Aid
  • flat head screwdriver
  • bald cypress planks
  • epoxy casting resin + hardener
  • blue luminescent powder

Bald cypress wood

bald cypress wood

Step 1: Build the table top

First of all, you have to build the tray of your future table. To help you, follow the instructions in the video below:

The table top

table top

Step 2: Clean up the voids in the wood

Before filling the cavities of the planks, remove every trace of mold. This is to be done using a flathead screwdriver. An air compressor can also be used if it is available.

cleaning cypress cavities

Step 3: Sanding

Indeed, the sanding of the table top is mandatory to remove any unevenness on the surface. For this purpose, use the sander and sandpaper. Then, dust off carefully.


Step 4: Create wood board borders

In order to be sure that the resin will be retained in the wood cavities and will not flow, adhesive tape is used to create curbs along all four sides of the tray. The bottom surface must also be covered so that the resin does not escape there.

wooden tray adhesive tape

Step 5: Prepare the epoxy resin + luminescent powder mixture

So, fill a glass of resin board with casting up to halfway up. Do the same with the catalyst in another glass. The proportion must be 1: 1. Then, add pigments in both liquids. Then mix them up. The chemical reaction starts right away, so you will have about 7 minutes to fill the cavities before the liquid hardens.

Transparent casting resin

transparent casting resin

Epoxy casting resin and catalyst mixture

resin and hardener mixture

advice : It is recommended to mix the two liquids and fill the cavities in stages, given the hardening time and the number of voids.

Indeed, the amount of phosphorescent powder depends on your preferences. More powder, more intensity of color. In this case we opt for the blue color of the pigments.

Phosphorescent powder

luminescent powder

Step 6: Pour the resin

The epoxy resin should be poured gently into the cavities of the cypress wood. You may see that the resin will be absorbed by the wood and it will take you longer to fill some gaps. So you have to repeat the action until you get a satisfactory result. Finally, let dry well for 24 hours.

Fill the voids with resin + phosphorescent pigments

fill the wooden tray cavities

Step 7: Remove the unevenness of the surface

Once the resin has dried, you can remove the tape and sanding the wood tray. This is done with an electric sander and a fine sandpaper to have a perfectly smooth surface.

DIY: making an epoxy resin table

sanded resin table

Step 8: Apply a finish

To protect your table, consider covering it with polyurethane base varnish. If necessary, after applying the first coat, sand again and cover with another layer of varnish and so on until a high gloss of the surface is obtained.

Step 9: Mounting the table legs

To assemble the table top and feet, follow the instructions in the video from step 1.

And now, your light table is ready! Once charged with UV rays, it can shine for 20 minutes at dusk.

Assembly of the table legs

dinner table

Final result (you can replace the wooden feet with metal feet)

casting resin table and phosphorescent pigments

Make a light table

shiny table in the darkness

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