Make a Montessori sensory panel to take care of little children

If your toddler is very energetic, you're probably spending a lot of time looking for activities to keep it busy. Indeed, the sensory panel of inspiration Montessori is the toy you need. Attractive and playful, it will help your toddler discover the world by developing fine motor skills. Discover in the text below how to make yourself this magnificent table of activity.

DIY sensory educational panel with materials found in attic and garage

sensory panel montessori work with the hands and the brain at the same time

In fact, Montessori pedagogy is based on respect for the pace of development of the child. It is recommended to adapt the environment to its size so that it can choose the activities to which it wishes to indulge independently. Sometimes they require specific equipment. Through this article, we will present work that can be done by children between 12 and 24 months with everyday objects.

Main benefits of Montessori activities:

  • Active engagement of the child
  • Development of cognitive abilities
  • Motivation of the child to carry out an activity
  • Concentration development
  • Work with the hands and the brain at the same time

1. Select the appropriate materials

occupy small children sensory panel montessori

The essential for this DIY project is a wooden panel (plywood) whose dimensions may vary according to your preferences. Then, you will have to think about what your loulou likes? For example, switches, remote controls television and cooking utensils. So in your drawers you will certainly find real treasures that you can add to your dexterity panel.

The other important thing is to decide how to fix the chosen objects on the sensory panel. You have two options in general: screws or self-gripping adhesive strips, called Velcro.

Possible materials

  • hinges
  • Door handles
  • Locks - all kinds: hasp, chain, locks
  • Toy wheels (tractor, car, excavator, etc.)
  • Different chains of metal or plastic
  • Padlock
  • Mirror
  • Carpet samples
  • Safety carabiners
  • Door stops
  • Door bell
  • Lightning closures
  • Door latches
  • Binding rings
  • A piece of fur fabric
  • An old belt
  • A crank
  • Old toys
  • Wooden letters
  • Drawer handles
  • bells
  • Rope
  • PVC pipe
  • Kitchen measuring spoons, etc.

Materials that help develop the child's sight, hearing and touch

sensory panel montessori motivation of the child to carry out an activity

In short, use your imagination. Think about how your toddler would interact with each object. In addition, you can also use the painting to facilitate identification of colors.

2. Thoroughly clean the equipment

Your toddler's hands will be everywhere on the sensory panel and most likely his mouth too. That's why, think well clean all the objects you will use. First fill your sink with hot water and dissolve some strong cleaning agent. Then throw in all the material and let it soak for 15-30 minutes. After soaking, scrub and rinse each item well, then let it dry.

3. Fix the objects on the board

sensory panel montessori baby to make oneself

Indeed, it has no limit in terms of options, so you can arrange the material as you want. However, consider ensuring your child has good accessibility to all objects. In this context, the activity board can be hung on the wall, placed on an easel or placed on the ground . It depends mainly on the age of your cabbage (if it can already stand or not). In addition, the layout on the floor is best for the youngest children or when the panel is introduced for the first time.

Finally, let your child play!

In the first place, bet on the variety of colors to attract the child's attention

diy sensory panel playful montessori

Touch panels invite no doubt for exploration and manipulation

sensory panel montessori development of the concentration of the child

These wooden paintings provide visual stimulation

sensory panel montessori development of cognitive abilities of the child

Realization sensory table house with recycling items

sensory panel montessori for energetic children

Consolidate the parent-child bond with a creative toy

diy sensory panel montessori dexterity chart

A concentrate of colors and various textures

diy sensory panel montessori children 12-24 months

create a sensory panel montessori children

diy sensory panel of inspiration montessori

diy sensory panel montesori everyday materials

make yourself a montessori sensory panel

Such a toy allows children to acquire knowledge on various subjects such as colors, figures, animals, etc.

make yourself sensory panel montessori inspiration

sensory panel montessori active engagement of the child

sensory panel montessori toddlers

to make a sensory panel montessori children

wooden montessori sensory panel to do it yourself

The game board is an integral part of our toddlers' learning of the things of everyday life

activity idea child montessori sensory panel

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