Makeup storage - how to properly organize your beauty products

Makeup storage - to no longer spend your beauty products, mascaras, pencils, lipstick, find here our proposals.

storage makeup idea

In truth, every woman has a large amount of cosmetics - you already know that. For example they are eye pencils, lip contours, lipsticks, gloss, mascaras, some eye shadows, a lot of brushes and creams too. Finally, do not forget the varnishes and perfumes, or the jewels ... That's why it is difficult to put away all that.

We offer you here how to order your beauty products and organize the space at home.

Storage makeup

So, let's start with nail polish. And yes, no doubt you have more than one or two at home, maybe a few shades of red, pink, blue, white and green too. On the one hand it's perfect, on the other hand it's not so easy to put them away.

makeup storage 1

Nail polish

makeup storage nail polish

On the market you can find for example plastic displays in a few floors, which are transparent too. It all depends on how many nail polish bottles you want to put away. The other practical idea is a rotating oraganizer, which is also perfect for small bottles.

Storage makeup

Shelf to organize nail polish in 5 floors

makeup storage 2

To find the desired polish faster

makeup storage 3

A practical idea for makeup storage

makeup storage 4

makeup storage 5

Or, use a jar

makeup storage 6

Organize brushes and make-up pencils

Speaking of makeup, we must not forget brushes and pencils. To store them and then find them effortlessly, we offer you here some original ideas. For example you can buy an organizer for brushes and pencils in plastic or glass, or use old jars. At the same time you can add to the bottom of colored sand, pearls, coffee beans or small stones.

makeup storage 7

Very important accessories for makeup

makeup storage 8

Complete with tidy brushes

makeup storage 9

Coffee for brushes

makeup storage 10

Glass jars and a few pearls

makeup storage 11


makeup storage 12

For pencils

makeup storage 13

To separate the eye and lip pencils

makeup storage 14


makeup storage 15

When we talk about makeup storage, we have to find where to put lipsticks and gloss. We offer transparent displays, and also rotating storage boxes, to organize all your lipsticks and have easy access.

makeup storage 16

How to store lipsticks well

makeup storage 17

makeup storage 18

How to store lipsticks

Makeup storage - how to properly organize your beauty products

And also

Storage makeup

To find the desired gloss

makeup storage 19

Makeup organizer

Finally, there are products on the market for makeup storage that are perfect for any product. In case you need a combined thing, this is the solution for you. There you can store mascaras, eye shadow, pencils, bojoux and others. It all depends on your needs.

makeup storage 20

Example how to organize your cosmetics

makeup storage 21

makeup storage 22

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