Making a coffee table in copper pipes: tutorial

The coffee table is a furniture as practical as decorative. In its low version, it serves you most often to put your books, food, drinks and many other objects. An essential element of everyday life, it can be found in countless forms in commerce. Its appearance depends mainly on the desired style. It must be taken into consideration that table must integrate harmoniously into the decoration. But rather than go around the stores looking for a design model and spend a lot of money to give character to your interior, think about doing it yourself! In this article we offer an interesting idea how to make an industrial style coffee table. For this purpose, focus on raw materials such as metal and wood, and follow the instructions below.

Make a coffee table


  • Copper pipes
  • Plywood panel
  • Veneer tape
  • Iron
  • Jigsaw
  • Clamps and screws
  • Drill
  • String
  • Tube cutting pliers
  • Sandpaper
  • Wax for wood
  • Brush

the realization

Step 1

First measure and cut 30 tubes with a length of about 25 cm. Then, watch the videos below that explain how to build two types of polyhedron. Choose the shape that suits you best!

Polyhedron composed of pentagons

Polyhedron composed of triangles

Use a string to assemble the pipes according to the instructions in the videos

polyhedron construction with pipes

2nd step

Cut a round tray of plywood using the jigsaw. The dimensions may vary depending on your needs and the space you have in your living room.

plywood tray

Step 3

Then, using the iron, stick the veneer tape around the edge of the tray.

stick veneer tape with iron

Step 4

Afterwards, apply a layer of wax on the wood to protect it. Let dry well before continuing your work.

Actually the application of wax is mandatory if you want to prolong the life of your coffee table

apply a layer of wax on wood

Step 5

Finally, it is necessary to fix the plate of plywood on the polyhedron that you built previously by means of clamps and screws. In order to unify the color of the tray and clamps, you can paint them with liquid copper.

The final step is obviously to assemble the lower part and the plywood tray

construction coffee table

build coffee table

polyhedron construction with pipes

And here is the final result !

Indeed, this coffee table is not only practical, it has decorative qualities not to neglect

coffee table

This is probably a modern table for a very stylish lounge

coffee table living room

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