Mandala tattoo - meaning and patterns to inspire you

The mandala tattoo is a trend today. It represents a very pretty drawing with rounded forms, with many circles and geometric shapes

The word mandala is a Sanskrit word for "circle, unity, totality". The circle symbolizes life, and it brings relaxation, harmony, peace and calm.

Colorful sand mandala

Modern tattoo

Mandala tattoo

Example of a very interesting and pretty mandala

Colorful mandala

Another nice idea to inspire you

The mandala tattoo is perfect for the shoulder, wrist or even arms, but of course you can experiment and tattoo one on the back. In fact, a mandala is a circle, around which we can find symmetrical patterns, which are very reminiscent of a flower. It is also used in art therapy, for relaxation and concentration, and for better meditation too. The mandala symbolizes the totality, it is a cosmic diagram, which reminds us of our connection with the infinite universe, beyond the material world. The mandala tattoo is very modern and appreciated nowadays.

To inspire you to choose your tattoo

Different tattoos

There are different types of mandala designs, for example in the form of a floral diagram - the lotus flower. Or even a tattoo mandala with an elephant, for example. In addition tattoo mandala can be used to attract love, luck, money, self-esteem, cultivate joy etc. Mandala tattoos with animals are a trend too.

Very interesting models of mandala

The elephant

The elephant for example is a symbol of wisdom, memory, power, luck, spiritual strength. The possibilities of a mandala tattoo are very varied.

The lotus flower

The lotus flower is a very current motif also among mandala tattoos. In the Buddhist religion it symbolizes purity, patience, self-awareness.

The owl

The owl and the owl are also fashionable for a mandala tattoo. The owl symbolizes wisdom, spirituality, and connection to the spiritual world. The owl is also considered a symbol of wisdom, and also a spiritual guide.

Find here our inspiring mandala tattoo proposals, to make the best choice for you. In case you are looking for spirituality, the mandala is nevertheless the perfect choice.

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