Marseille soap - 100% natural dermatological product

The benefits of Marseille soap

The famous Marseille soap is particularly recognizable thanks to its particular perfume. Its effectiveness, even for the most reactive skin, has been confirmed by health professionals.

Timeless and timeless, Provence soap has gone through the ages

rampal latour marseille soap

Origin of Marseille soap

Originally from Aleppo in Syria, he spread after the return of the Crusades. In the sixteenth and seventeenth century the soap industry began to develop in Provence. In this region, soap makers find the necessary ingredients for making Marseille soap: soda in the Camargue and olives.


The city of Marseille being the first producing city in France, at the end of the eighteenth century it has 108 soap factories. The regulation of soap manufacture ensures excellent quality. Nowadays the products of this region continue to keep their good reputation.

Unique product of its kind, it consists of vegetable oil and soda

manufacture of Marseille soap


It all starts with the pasting, a mixture of fat and soda, which is cooked to obtain a paste. Cleaned with salt water and then with fresh water, it is then poured into molds and allowed to dry before cutting and marking.

Marseille soap: a timeless product

for example it is a cube of Marseille soap fabre marius

soap production


There are two types of soaps: green and white. Green soap is made from olive oil, coconut oil and palm oil. White does not contain olive oil but peanut oil. The "extra-pure" soap contains 72% of these vegetable oils. It is natural because it contains no dyes or synthetic adjuvants.

Palm oil

Palm oil

The real Marseille soap is stamped with 6 sides on which one can read "72% of oil", the name and the brand of the soap factory. It is sold in 600 grams cube but can also be found in other formats: soap, liquid etc. Its traditional flavors are: linden, lavender, honeysuckle, lily of the valley, anise, lemon etc.

In Provence we say that, placed in the bottom of the bed, a Marseille soap would prevent rheumatism and cramps

for example they are Marseille soaps with different flavors

Marseille soap can be used on a daily basis

actually the marseille soap can be found in liquid form

Dermatological benefits

  • Ecological product: natural and biodegradable, it does not pollute the environment
  • It does not irritate the skin
  • Hypoallergenic, it disinfects and heals wounds
  • Often recommended by dermatologists for eczema
  • It is used to exfoliate the skin
  • Can be used as a toothpaste to treat gums
  • It reduces the risk of irritation and allergies
  • Free of allergens, dyes and synthetic adjuvants

Marseille soap has many dermatological and ecological properties

actually the true soap of Marseille is useful for the skin of the face

The timeless Marseille soap

Marseille soap has excellent moisturizing and hypoallergenic properties for the skin. Bactericidal, it also helps to disinfect wounds. It is very effective also to make stains disappear.

More economical than another soap, it can last twice as long

Marseille soap - 100% natural dermatological product

for example it is liquid soap of Marseille

Nowadays many soap makers claim to make Marseille soap. On the other hand, their soaps do not contain the natural components and do not have the ecological characteristics of the real product. Imitations can come from China, Turkey etc. The soaps contain additives (dyes and perfume) and can irritate and dry the skin.

The 'fake' soaps come from China, Turkey etc.

imitations of marseille soap

The real Marseille soap meets all the criteria of the organic labels Ecocert and Cosmebio. It contains no GMOs, no chemical preservatives, dyes or synthetic fragrances. Finally it is not tested on animals.

horseshoe soap

You can buy real Marseille soap in soap factories that continue to produce it in traditional ways in pots: The Seraglio , Horse Shoe , Marius Fabre and Rampal Latour .

The soap of Provence knows a revival of interest thanks to its natural properties

for example it is 100% pure Marseille soap

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