Medieval garden to create yourself: the essential characteristics

You like to garden and want to start creating a medieval garden. In order to help you, we present you some rules to follow.

Contemporary garden of medieval inspiration

medieval garden flowerbeds

What is a medieval garden

The medieval garden first of all symbolizes perfection, resurrection and meditation. A lot of symbols of religion are present, like the boxwood and the cross for example. One can often admire a jet of water or a fountain. Indeed, it is a garden inspired by the Middle Ages that unites several cultural spaces: medicinal plants, aromatic, flowers, vegetable garden and orchards.

The reasons why we decide to carry out such a project are the search for relaxation, the need for food, the desire to heal with beneficial plants.

Mixture of several culture spaces

garden in the medieval spirit

The medieval garden is a unique space, protected from view, surrounded by walls or plessis. Its structure is represented in a simple and organized way. The water source is frequently located at the garden center, the flowerbeds are rectangular or square, raised. The borders are in most cases woven in wicker, willow, chestnut or stone branches.

This kind of garden is usually cross or checkerboard. There are four main parts: the garden of grass, the garden of Mary, the kitchen garden and the orchard. The herb garden (herbularius) or garden of simple, is intended for medicinal and aromatic plants. In the garden of Mary, we plant ornamental flowers. The vegetable garden, or hortus, is reserved for food. The orchard is made up of flowers and fruit trees.

Indeed, the medieval gardens evolve during the centuries

medieval time garden

In the herbularius (garden of the simple) one cultivates aromatic herbs all the year to be able to remedy each evil

garden herbs flowers

How to make a garden in the medieval spirit

If you have decided to create a medieval garden, firstly, choose a fairly large square or rectangular shape. The ground must be surrounded by a wooden fence. The second step is to plant fruit trees along the fence. Vegetables and aromatic herbs are to be placed in raised squares, delimited by wicker fences or branches. Each part of the garden must be well differentiated. That's why paving, gravel or straw paths are created. There are shoals of wood or stone. The plantation of grass is almost mandatory on empty spaces, as well as the installation of a small pond, well or water jet.

Knowing all that, you're ready to start the installation!

The structure of the medieval garden is inspired by the first of the gardens, the Garden of Eden

medieval spirit garden

medieval garden aromatic herbs

The first characteristic of the medieval garden is the functionality

medieval garden medicinal plants

medieval garden seen from above

The center of the gardens is most often occupied by an octagonal fountain or basin

medieval garden design

inspiring medieval garden

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