Mirror Dresser - Essential Element of Style Pieces

A mirror dresser to import shine into the interior

Mirrors are essential elements in a home. They play with light and volumes, bring depth and brightness. But to enjoy their benefits, you have to know how to use them optimally. The dresser, for its part, is an important piece of furniture for the bedrooms. Although it is sometimes put in lounges or entrances. It is used not only for practical reasons, but it also brings an elegant atmosphere to the rooms. A dresser with a design ice front will radiate a thousand lights in the interior. An elegance that could blend in with any style of home, contemporary or classic. Storage with a unique cachet. Today we talk about the dresser mirror, a good combination of these two attributes typical for style housing.

Combine aesthetics and convenience and opt for a unique design chest of drawers

chest of drawers mirror effect room

Placing a mirror dresser has many advantages over the decorative appearance of your interior. Indeed it can highlight your other furniture and the room in which it is arranged. Depending on the mirror effect produced, this piece of furniture gives the space a chic, elegant, original or zen look.

There are many possibilities for every taste. A piece of furniture with mirrors is certainly very trendy and brings a touch of originality. By cons it must be known that his purchase in luxury decoration stores will greatly affect the content of your portfolio.

The mirrored dresser looks and reflects the universe and ambience you want to bring to your interior

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How to place a mirror dresser

The mirror is a decorative object. Well placed, it will give you the impression of gaining space. In reality, mirrors should not be placed anywhere, some places are particularly strategic.

A beautiful mirrored cabinet ideal both in a modern and traditional environment

dresser with mirror

Win in brightness

If your interior is a little dark and you want to bring light, place your mirror in front of a window so that it reflects as much sunlight as possible into the room. For the evening, plan a dresser arrangement near the lights and their lighting.

Charming storage furniture

Venetian mirror dresser

The decorative effect

Banish the dressers too simple and opt for an original model to boost your decor. Regardless of their function, these storage units become true decorative accents. Mix them with other furniture in a more modest style to create a contrast and a rather empty space.

Bright finish on a dresser, fully covered with mirror glass

ice accent dresser

Playing with volumes and perspectives

Ideally, a mirror dresser should reflect a portion of the floor to accentuate the perspective. Be careful with the positioning. The reflection of a mirror must always reflect a pleasant image like a living plant for example. Avoid placing it facing a front door, it's not at all respectful of the principles of Feng Shui . Finally, refrain from putting your mirrored dresser face to face with another mirror because they would think your decor to infinity.

convenient covered with mirrors

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chest of drawers bedroom

convenient ice effect

convenient silver ice cream

cabinet storage mirror effect

convenient mirror effect

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vintage mirror dresser

wooden mirror dresser

mirror room furniture

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convenient design glass

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