Modern staircase - models that will impress you

The modern staircase - functional tool or artistic work

The modern staircase is not only a place of passage but also an integral part of the decoration of a house. Highly design, contemporary stairs are passionate about their elegance. The set of materials creates their unique beauty and aesthetics.

design staircase

The staircase is a determining element of your interior. It occupies a central place in the development of your home. The multiplicity of materials and techniques in the manufacture of stairs now allows the creation of very varied forms. Spiral staircase, hollow, level, aerial, visible or not, the possibilities are numerous.

metal staircase

design glass staircase

Take the time to discover the models of stairs that we offer.

The most common types of stairs


Design and chic, but since the arrival of the suspended staircase it is less and less common.

Contemporary design with fine and elegant structures

for example it is a spiral staircase

The wood can probably warm a very large space

for example it is a wooden spiral staircase

The staircase takes more and more height in the decor

helicoidal staircase

Suspended staircase

A staircase with exclusive aesthetic and technical features: no strings (light goes on), quiet, solid, ergonomic, optimal width, etc.

Indeed, this design and contemporary staircase will perfectly fit your interior

for example it is a suspended modern staircase

Manufacturers offer many custom models made from noble materials

for example it is a suspended staircase with wooden steps

Of course the metal brings a modern touch

for example it is a suspended staircase

Central stringer

Staircase often chosen for its design and technique. On the other hand, its stability in time remains perfectible.

The central stringer stairs are characterized by the simplicity and flexibility of their design

for example it is a staircase with a central stringer

Occupying a smaller volume than the more massive staircases, these stairs fit as well in the center of the spaces as on the sides

for example it is a staircase with a metallic central stringer

Glass brings lightness to a staircase

metal and glass staircase with central stringer

Straight bilateral stringers

Staircase of classic design, but it can also be found under very contemporary appearances.

Structure composed of two parallel lateral stringer

metal staircase lateral stringers

Double-sided wrought iron staircase

double sill staircase

The double-sided staircase offers a sleek style, it can be married with stainless steel or glass

for example it is a wooden and metal staircase with lateral stringers

Double silt rack

Very contemporary staircase with silt, it can be equipped with risers.

Trendy style, this staircase brings a dynamism to your interior

for example it is a staircase with double stringers rack

This double rack and pinion staircase has wooden steps

for example it's a staircase with corkscrews

Sometimes aesthetics is in simplicity

for example it is a staircase with double lime cogwheel

Concrete staircase

Strong and quiet, but sometimes it can be too expensive.

Generally, the concrete staircase is chosen for its low cost

for example it's a concrete staircase

Once the concrete staircase is installed, it becomes complicated to change it

for example it is a white mineral concrete staircase

Good masonry skills are required for the construction of a concrete staircase

for example it is a concrete wall staircase

Traditional staircase

The stairs most commonly installed in our homes, with wooden steps and strings.

The wooden staircase creates a warm and reassuring atmosphere in the home

for example it is a traditional wooden staircase

Very aesthetic, this staircase brings to the interior all the tradition of solid wood

traditional staircase

A classic staircase that finds its place in any interior style

traditional wood staircase

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