Nordic walking - what are the benefits

A sports activity for all, Nordic walking is a sport with multiple benefits

Nordic walking

Nordic walking allows you to relax and at the same time to be in good health. It is an outdoor sport, a derivative of traditional walking and cross-country skiing, with the use of two sticks. An endurance sport, it can be practiced at any age. Traditionally, it is practiced in nature, but in town too.

Nordic Walking Invites Nearly 90% of the Musculature

idea of ​​Nordic walking sport

The benefits of Nordic walking

This sport allows you to improve its coordination, strength, breathing, cardiovascular system, flexibility and keep fit. It is a form of dynamic walking, using two sticks. When doing Nordic walking, almost 90% of the musculature is solicited. The muscles of the shoulders, biceps, triceps, abdominals, muscles of the back, calves, hamstrings and quadriceps muscles are strengthened and sculpted by this type of sport.

It's a recreational sport that allows you to breathe better

the sticks for Nordic walking

This is one of the best ways to oxygenate your body and improve breathing. In addition, walking tones the body and is effective for weight loss. The use of poles increases the natural movement of walking and improves coordination between the arms and legs.

Sticks for Nordic Walking

sticks for Nordic walking

Always carefully choose the sticks

accessories for Nordic walking - sticks

The height of the sticks is chosen according to your size

Nordic walking sticks

How to practice Nordic walking

At the beginning of the walk, it is advisable to warm up with the sticks, to prepare the muscles of your body. Generally, the technique of Nordic walking is simple and not so difficult. The movement is totally natural, combined with the movement of the sticks. The next step is walking. So all you need to do is walk as naturally as possible, following the natural movement of the arms and legs.

Nordic walking on the snow

Nordic walking activity for the winter

Of course, it is advisable to choose very carefully the size of the sticks, according to your size. They should not be too long or too short, and also the stick materials are specific. Opt for example sticks with at least 70% carbon, combined with fiberglass - to reduce vibrations. Sticks are stronger and stronger, and more comfortable too. You must try to forget the presence of sticks and walk in a natural way. Take a step and always plant the stick in the middle of your step, between the feet. At the same time, when planting the stick, you must close your hand before, and open your hand behind. It is a not-so-complex activity that brings pleasure and tones the body.

Close your hand by planting the stick

close hand nordic walking

Open back hand

open the hand nordic walking

It is not so difficult

Nordic technical walk

sticks for Nordic walking

Nordic walking benefits

Nordic's walk

Nordic walking 1

winter sport nordic walking

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