Oriental decoration - ideas and tips to inspire yourself

Oriental decoration - get ready for many lanterns, oriental rugs, soft lighting, hookahs, small cushions in bright colors on the floor

oriental decoration

The oriental decoration is characterized by shimmering colors, ethnic carpets, ottomans, decorative objects in copper, hanging lamps of glass and brass or mosaics for example. The eastern interior gives the impression of a room full of mystery, thanks to the light filtered by the lanterns. We offer you here how to bring a touch of Orient and create an exotic and cozy atmosphere.

Because the oriental decoration is pretty, in bright colors

oriental decoration 1

Luminaires - for oriental decoration

oriental decoration lamp

The oriental lamp in colored glass, mosaic or brass, the lantern, the suspension and the tealight, the luminaries create a bohemian atmosphere of a unique decoration. The light is warm, soft and subdued. Generally, the lighting is very discreet, in the case where the lamps are metal. This is because the light escapes through the perforations of the dome, and as a result we observe a play of shadow and light.

oriental decoration

Oriental suspensions for a relaxing atmosphere

oriental decoration 2

oriental decoration 3

Made of metal

oriental decoration 4

Or mosaic glass suspensions

oriental decoration 5

A wide variety of models

oriental decoration 6

For a relaxing atmosphere

oriental decoration 7

For a beautiful oriental decoration

oriental decoration 8

oriental decoration 9


In this order of words, the lanterns are also an original way to import the Oriental motifs to the decoration and light the room.

Eastern decoration

Oriental lanterns

oriental decoration 10

oriental-decoration 11

For a romantic atmosphere

oriental-decoration 12

Carpets and cushions

For a warm, exotic and comfortable atmosphere at the same time, oriental rug and cushions are essential. In terms of colors, they are very bright, and the patterns are in different shapes. Inspired by traditional oriental kilims, the cushions are perfect for your sofa, bed and chair. As a tip, you can combine the colors of the oriental rug with the mural.

oriental-decoration 13

oriental-decoration 14

Oriental rug in a modern living room

oriental-decoration 15

Oriental rug

oriental decoration 16

Or cushions for the floor

oriental-decoration 17

oriental decoration 18


So, oriental art ceramics are very charming, in elegant design and full of bright colors. These decorative objects will bring a bohemian touch to your interior. Indeed, you can use the plates as decorative objects for the walls, or for your meals. And finally, consider also ceramic vases, for example in turquoise blue, or decorative pots and decorative tiles.

oriental decoration 19

Oriental bowl

oriental-decoration 20

And finally, an oriental plate

oriental decoration 21

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