Outdoor decoration to satisfy all tastes

Certainly, having a garden behind the house is a privilege but also an obligation. Since everyone wants beauty, she can enter your garden but not without effort. So the maintenance of your resting place requires time and money. On the other hand, we will suggest some ideas of exterior decoration inexpensive and original that will realize your dreams. Thanks to them, you will receive a double satisfaction: create a nice little corner yourself at your fingertips.

Cacti and succulents enhance the freshness of the place

outdoor decoration sitting area under an old tree

The abundant vegetation transforms the corner into a beautiful place of relaxation

outdoor decoration rest corner in a small forest

Climbing plants and planters

outdoor decoration beam shelter

The effect of outdoor decoration on the environment

To know that the exterior decoration must fit perfectly into the atmosphere. Either by accessories or by a sundial, flags, fountains, waterfall or sculptures in wood, plaster and ceramic. In general, its goal is to embellish an isolated corner of the garden or to revive an abandoned space.

Considering that in some previous articles we have developed the theme of the art of decorating with pebbles and planters, as well as ornamenting the outer walls, you already have a wide choice.

By cons, beware of kitsch and surplus! Apart from the flowers and green plants that are never too much, the other supplements must not exceed two or three.

Large jar with sunflowers, a luminaire hanging from the beams

outdoor decoration terrace with beautiful view

Wicker chairs, small shrubs in round containers, ivy

outdoor decoration abundant vegetation

Two corner sofas, five small tables

outdoor decoration wide space for relaxation

Garlands of small electric light bulbs

vintage style outdoor decoration

A little pond somewhere in the garden

Let's start first, by the aquatic mirror as it is modern to name the small artificial lake in the garden. It may be surrounded by stones and flowerbands while an arbor covered with climbing roses or other greenery will make the place more shady. Therefore, a nice wooden bench or iron will complete the idyll. Sometimes, for the lake, we choose a reflective ball made of stainless steel.

Candles and lanterns along the railing

outdoor decoration space on the roof of a house

Bamboo forest and cactus in large ceramic pots

outdoor decoration coffee corner in a corner of the courtyard

Geranium and other flowers in planters

outdoor decoration wooden corner-relaxation

How to beautify the corner with planters

outdoor decoration shelter on the lawn

Signage for lawn

In case it is just a grass around, it is nice to have sculptures such as gnomes, mushrooms, swans, storks, frogs and other small animals. In any case, we often opt for lawn signage. It's very chic and original!

Because you need lighting in the evening, candles , lanterns and lighting for outdoor decoration offer a nice fork of choice.

Crown of leaves on shutters and flowers in an iron container

outdoor decoration embellished terrace

Green plants in pots and planters

outdoor decoration a whole wooden set

An olive tree at the corner and green plants in white pots

outdoor decoration sitting area on a terrace

Modern and old accessories

Surely, part of the exterior decoration is the sundial. This accessory for the garden goes back in the years. In stone, wood, cast iron or brass, a sundial is a sign of nobility and intelligence.

Although the chimes in the garden have rather a decorative effect, their sound to the breath of wind is tender and sleepy.

Apparently, rain chains are very popular because they are so popular and we sell different models.

Full of flowers and creeping plants

outdoor decoration pretty vintage corner

Lantern, candles and light bulbs

outdoor decoration wood and concrete screens

Drainage concealed by a small iron table

outdoor decoration shower area behind the house

Since a breaker view you spare the curious glances of the neighbors, we have some decorative fences to recommend. There are permanent hedges, bamboo and wooden fences, synthetic grid, wicker canes.

When you see the windmills, childhood memories come back.

Finally, how about an overturned wine barrel overflowing a "river" of petunias.

Follow our outdoor decorating tips and you will understand the learned words that happiness is built on the little things.

Palm trees in the garden

exterior decoration large stone wall

Green plants behind the couch and around

outdoor decoration large combined space

Palm trees, bamboo and flowers in the garden

outdoor decoration beautiful corner-relaxation

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