Outdoor garden decoration: autumn before our eyes

The goal of outdoor garden decoration

The outdoor garden decoration is probably with one goal: to please and develop the aesthetic taste. So surrounded by so many colors and beauty, we become better on the relationship side. It's like a reloading in the morning and evening on the terrace or in the garden.

It's true that flowers have a healing effect and even more so when they are arranged around you.

Cylindrical planters on both sides of the palisade

outdoor gardening decoration entrance of the terrace

A scale transformed into a gardener

decoration outdoor gardener beautiful autumnal ornament

Splendid planters with heather and other autumnal flowers

decoration outdoor gardener beauty autumnal

Wooden and plastic chests for flowers and herbs

outdoor planter decoration scale adapted to planters

Is there a recommended position for outdoor garden decoration?

There is so much ingenuity in the positioning of the planters. In any case, their shape varies from rectangular to square to a round shape. Provided it is rectangular, the planter can sit on the edges of a window or elsewhere while the square can perfectly stick to the corner. Certainly, all forms, for their part, allow the suspension lattice or braided nets of hemp.

Moreover, it raises the question of security: well fixed, stable, never hang heavy planters.

How to position a heavy ceramic planter

outdoor gardening decoration afternoon tea

Ornament of the planter with pebbles

outdoor gardener decoration salvaged wooden table

Two planters easy to move

decoration outdoor garden wreath autumn wreath on the door

A wooden planter at the corner

outdoor garden decoration tiled floor wet by rain

The style of the gardener and how it relates to the kinds of flowers

Apparently, the style must marry with the atmosphere, it's ultra ugly to combine a design atmosphere with a vintage outdoor garden decoration or nature spirit. This also concerns planted flowers. The most popular plant and the most comfortably installed in the gardener is Geranium. Petunia and aromatic herbs are also at the top of the list.

How to marry pumpkins and planters

outdoor gardener decoration autumn wreath at the front door

Old pots with flowers and a concrete planter

outdoor gardening decoration three types of planters

Wooden planter on the first step of the stairs

outdoor gardener decoration autumn wreaths on the door

decorative outdoor planter closet obsolete as a table

Special care

Depending on whether the different plants are pretentious, either in the shade or in the sun, memorize a simple rule: do not put together plants with different needs.

Which gardening material to choose?

Admittedly, the exterior garden decoration must bet on types of planters in reliable materials such as, for example, concrete. For the reason that concrete is susceptible to drainage. In any case, ceramic and terracotta planters have the same capabilities. If the exterior garden decoration opts for a heavy material, it is necessary to think of the displacement via wheels.

Wood as gardening material is not neglected. Containers made of pallets are a relevant decoration if the entire arrangement favors pallets. Hung on the walls or lying on the ground, pallet planters are a nice complement to the outside.

Elegant vases, flower pots and a concrete planter

decoration outdoor gardener pretty autumn ornament

Straw bale, planters and pumpkins

outdoor planter decoration an ornate terrace

Large wooden planter under the fence

outdoor gardener decoration fence in recovered plants

decoration outdoor garden pretty terrace tiled

Functions of planters

Except for the outdoor garden decoration function, bins can be used to delimit spaces, to hide from view and as borders of an alley for example.

You do not have to be a botanist to arrange your exterior tastefully. Before starting the outdoor garden decoration project, estimate the level of risk of letting your plants die of thirst. No kidding ! Study the character of each plant well and take good care of it.

Ceramic round planter behind the lantern

pretty outdoor gardener decoration iron accessory

How to reuse old buckets and wooden containers

outdoor planter decoration as Halloween approaches

outdoor gardener decoration pretty ornament of a big pot

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