Outdoor kitchen layout - ideas and tips

Outdoor kitchen layout: everything you need to take into account when building

The summer kitchen brings a real comfort of which many French benefit. With its practical equipment and design, it allows you to prepare delicious meals avoiding the odors and vapors of the indoor kitchen. The outdoor kitchen turns into a real dining room for your family in the hot season. Fixed, mobile or modular, in different materials, traditional or scalable ... there are plenty of models. Indeed, it is designed as its interior because it requires a lot of elements and its construction requires careful thought. To give you ideas and inspiration to immerse yourself in the outdoor kitchen design project, we have put together some good examples and tips that will no doubt be useful for your future work.

Invest in a new living space

outdoor kitchen friendly style

The importance of the good location

In order to create an outdoor kitchen, it is first necessary to choose the location. If you already have a shelter with enough space, your task will be easier. If this is not the case, there is a construction to protect your equipment from the sun and rain.

Normally, to create a functional kitchen, you will need at least 10-12 m². If you do not have a suitable surface in your garden, there is always the possibility to opt for nomadic cuisine with modules to combine.

It is very important to choose the floor on which you will put your kitchen. It must be flat and stable. Refrain from having your kitchen right next to the pool at risk of accident. Move it far enough so that you can walk freely.

Outdoor kitchen layout: it can be in the garden, on the terrace or in an outbuilding

barbecue outdoor pergola dining area

What type of cuisine to choose

Indeed, most buyers must choose between a traditional summer kitchen (in rustic style) and a more contemporary model because these are the two major trends in the market at the moment. It is to decide to realize a kitchen or to opt for furniture ready to install.

Traditional outdoor kitchens favor raw materials (stone, wood, brick) and large fixed barbecue or fireplace. If you are taking to install, know that this type of equipment is very heavy and takes up a lot of space. Only the worktop is normally about 3 meters.

More modern kitchens are in some cases modular and composed entirely on request. Their elements are often equipped with wheels to be transported where you wish, under the pergola or in the middle of the garden. The materials preferred by the manufacturers are stainless steel and aluminum.

We are tempted by a kitchen made of quality materials (exotic wood, resistant metals, stones)

dining area and kitchen outside

Technical questions

You wish for a long time to cook outside and you are at the end of fulfilling this dream. Do not neglect any technical problems that may arise. For example the supply of water and electricity. Depending on the kitchen model you choose, also make sure that the construction of a sewage system is possible at the location you have determined for your summer kitchen.

Outdoor kitchen layout: will require pipeline work and electricity supply

mini outdoor kitchen

Protect your equipment from the elements

develop a summer kitchen under a shelter or pergola will allow you to protect your outdoor kitchen furniture from adverse weather conditions, especially during the winter season. All your equipment must be stored and covered once autumn has arrived.

It's really a pleasure to live and cook outdoors

outdoor kitchen model

Essential accessories

An outdoor kitchen is made of mobile elements that allow a unique configuration and adapted to your needs. The typical cooking accessories are the barbecue module, the charcoal grill, the plancha or the oven, the gas appliances. To rinse and wash easily you will also need a sink. The work plan is absolutely mandatory for cutting food, cooking and preparing plates. Lastly, do not forget the storage space for storing dishes, utensils and condiments.

kitchen wood and stainless steel outside

outdoor barbecue outdoor cooking

beautiful kitchen arangée with style

exterior layout kitchen wooden pergola

functional layout outdoor kitchen

outdoor summer kitchen back yard

kitchen in the backyard

outdoor summer kitchen

summer kitchen outdoor rustic style

stainless steel summer kitchen

outdoor kitchen

outdoor kitchen on a terrace

well-appointed outdoor kitchen

outdoor kitchen wood

outdoor kitchen stones and marble

outdoor kitchen fireplace

outdoor brick kitchen

outdoor kitchen stainless steel and stone

luxury outdoor kitchen

outdoor kitchen stones

outdoor kitchen near the pool

kitchen large balcony

stainless steel backyard kitchen

modern kitchen dependence

modern kitchen open to the garden

open air kitchen

outdoor practical kitchen

rustic kitchen outside

large outdoor kitchen back yard

summer kitchen idea

idea outdoor kitchen made of wood and stones

great idea outdoor kitchen

small outdoor kitchen terrace

wooden garden furniture with dining area

rustic style outdoor kitchen

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