Outdoor pizza oven to make yourself using a gym ball

Outdoor pizza oven: cook like the teachers

You have probably tasted the famous Italian pizza. Millions of pieces are eaten every day all over the world. Indeed, everyone could find the difference between a pizza cooked in a stone oven and a pizza cooked in an electric oven. The first is definitely more delicious. That's why restaurant owners opt for ovens with a design that enhances the quality and flavor of their production. Whether it is an American pizza of thick dough, or a pizza of fine dough conceived in the Italian tradition, the secret is in the cuissson (the heat generation in an optimal way). In this article we will explain how to build your own pizza oven outside to cook the best pizzas and enjoy family friendly moments.

Outdoor pizza ovens come in different sizes. Some are small, intended to be used at home, while others are more dedicated to professional use. Outdoor ovens are versatile and often work with charcoal or fire. They offer a specific cooking mode: homogeneous and optimized. The heat of the flames slightly carbonizes the pizza dough and gives it an ideal texture and an irresistible taste.

Moreover, this type of construction is very resistant

wood pizza oven

Build an outdoor pizza oven using a gym ball

The manufacture of a pizza oven has recently been of great interest. The solution most often chosen by DIYers is the brick construction. Indeed, it is a material that is resistant to heat, even if it involves higher temperatures of 500 ° C.

By cons, you may be surprised to know that the creation of a wood oven is possible without major work. For example using a gym ball. But yes ! You can replace the bricks with a mixture of cement and vermiculite. It is a perfect combination for thermal insulation.

The most important element in this construction project is definitely the ball. With its perfectly round shape, it can easily serve as a model on which to apply the mixture of masonry materials. And besides, your ball will not be damaged at all when the oven is made.

In short, your wood oven will consist of two parts: upper and lower (the bottom). The upper part is to be built on a wooden panel with a cut hole so that the ball can pass. In reality, only half of its surface will be used. The other element to be manufactured is a simple smoke extraction system. The part which will play the role of bottom will be prepared of refractory bricks and a framework of rough wood.

Step 1

A wooden panel and a gym ball serve as a model

use a gym ball to create a wood oven

2nd step

Building a smoke extraction system

smoke extraction construction wood burning oven

Step 3

For thermal insulation of the oven prepare a mixture of vermiculite and cement

cement and vermiculite

Make the vault: the mixture is applied on the gymnastic ball

project build an outdoor pizza oven

Then wait for the insulation to dry

build a pizza oven

Step 4

Deflate the gym ball and separate the construction from the wood panel

dome shaped pizza oven construction

Step 5

The lower part of the oven is made of wood and refractory bricks

self-made pizza oven

Step 6

Assemble the upper building and the foundation

pizza oven project realized

Step 7

Decorate your oven as you like

pizza oven diy

Of course the outdoor pizza oven allows you to prepare pizza as professionals

pizza preparation

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