Oversized sweater woman - ideas for looks for fall

The oversize sweater is very trendy to wear in autumn-winter, and at the same time it is a comfortable and fluffy garment

jeans and oversize sweater- modern look

One of the trends for this season, which we love, is the oversize sweater. Indeed, you can associate it with a wide range of clothes, and wear it with style too. Do not hesitate to adopt this trend, the sweater adapts perfectly to every morphology and is practical, feminine and comfortable for any occasion.

For example to work, or for a party - it is always trendy. Discover our selection how to wear this must have garment for days in winter.

A modern look for fall-winter

oversize sweater and heels

Wear the oversize sweater in the office

Combine your sweater for example with classic pants, or a skirt and do not forget heels. The other proposal to keep your office look stylish is to add an oversize sweater in a more neutral color on a pretty shirt. Nevertheless it is a stylish and comfortable look too, ideal for office wear.

Combine the oversize sweater with a lace skirt

idea of ​​oversize sweater and skirt

With a pencil skirt

wear at the office oversize sweater

Leather skirt and sweater

office look with an oversize sweater

Combine with high-heeled shoes

oversize sweater and skirt wear at the office

Ovrsize sweater - streetwear inspirations

Of course, the combination of a sweater with jeans is totally trendy, with any model of shoes. Worn with a pair of white sneakers, shoes with heels or boots too. The skinny jeans, combined with sneakers and a big jumper - it's a cool and stylish look.

Wear the skirt with an oversize sweater and sneakers

sneakers and oversize sweater

Jean and a fluffy sweater

look-sweater-with oversized jeans

trendy women's oversize sweater

The pleated skirt, pair of sneakers and a big sweater is a really comfortable look, but successful and trendy at the same time. To be warm in winter and also to combine in an original and trendy way your sweater, opt for this association. Of course, you can wear ballerinas, for a vision a little more elegant.

You can combine it with a pleated skirt too

pleated skirt with oversize sweater

Skirt and high-heeled shoes

pink pleated skirt and oversize sweater

trend pleated skirt and oversize sweater


And the other very important question, how to choose the material of a sweater? Look here :

Acrylic - Acrylic is a synthetic material. The maintenance is very easy, but from the point of view of the heat, not to shiver, it is better to opt for another matter.

Cotton - First, it is a natural material, which is breathable, which may bring little heat. That's why we advise you to choose another material in winter for your sweater.

Wool - This is a favorite material when making your choice. It's a natural material, perfect for a sweater, or a coat too.

Cashmere - It is also a natural material, which will bring a sweetness and heat, when to wear it. Cashmere comes from the fleece of a little goat - Capra Hisca.

boots with skirt and oversize sweater

Successful combination with a shirt

shirt and oversize sweater

how to combine the oversize sweater

oversize sweater idea and jeans

Wear with "boyfriend jeans" and high-heeled shoes

jeans, heels and oversize sweater

skirt with oversize sweater

lace skirt and oversize sweater

lace skirt and oversize sweater idea

Oversized skirt and sweater

pleated skirt and oversize sweater

Stylish look with an oversize sweater

fashion woman jeans and oversize sweater

fashion woman oversize sweater and sneakers

winter fashion oversize sweater

outfit trendy oversize sweater

Oversized trousers and sweater

oversize sweater with jeans

oversize sweater with a skirt

oversize sweater and jeans

oversize sweater

oversize sweater and leather pants

oversize sweater and jean combination

pink oversize sweater

Oversized fashion sweater

streetstyle oversize sweater and skirt

trendy lace skirt and oversize sweater

trend oversize sweater and jeans for winter

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