Parasol wall to shade your terrace or balcony

The wall parasol is ideal for small terraces

You wish to equip yourself with a mobile awning but hesitate about the type to adopt? The wall parasol is a good solution, and especially at a good price. To help you choose the perfect model for your balcony or terrace, we give you some tips that will be useful in the selection.

The wall parasol is your best ally to protect you from the sun's rays

remote wall-mounted sunshade

It has everything from a blind, but not exactly from a classic awning. The wall-mounted sunshade protects your balcony thanks to its wall-mounted arm, its compact size canvas and its 180 ° mobility. The arm can be folded vertically against the wall and can be protected by a special cover. In the deployed position it is placed horizontally (from 1,20m to 1,80m) and hangs thanks to a brake handle.

Lightness and compactness

rectangular umbrella wall mount

Important features of a wall parasol

Mobility and steerability

If you have a small space, the wall parasol allows you to protect it from the sun's rays all day long. Its mobility at 180 ° and its large diameter (2 x 3 m or 3 x 4 m in most cases) transform the extension of your home or apartment into a comfortable place for your rest even in peak hours of heat summer.

Good solution for shading a table during meals

parasol for wall

Indeed the majority of the wall parasols are adjustable, but there are some, especially wood, which have a fixed height. Of course, these models can not adapt well to the sun. Our advice is to opt instead for a sunshade height adjustable. The degree of inclination and rotation is also important.

For a good stability, opt for umbrellas with aluminum arms

wallflex umbrella

The surface to protect

The first aspect to consider when choosing a wall parasol, except the price, is of course the surface to be protected from the sun. Do you have a small balcony or a large terrace? What shape to choose of your parasol to cover all the concerned surface? For example the round shape is perfect for small spaces. A square or rectangular umbrella is more suitable for a terrace, no matter if it is small or large. FYI, there are XXS models, semi-rectangular or semi-round, to protect even the smallest spaces.

The square shape is innovative and design

awning parasol wall mounting

The Web

The material of the sunshade fabric is also something essential to take into account when buying. It determines not only the capabilities of sunscreen but also the life of the canvas. For this, pay attention to the thickness or "grammage". The very fine fabrics have a weight of 140 g / m2 and are the most accessible at price level. The qualitative models have a grammage of approximately 250-400g / m2.

The wall-mounted sunshade awning is ideal for small terraces but also for larger ones

terrace parasol

Indeed, there are three main web materials:

  • polyester - it wears faster than others and protects less
  • Acrylic materials - they are more resistant to sunlight and rain
  • cotton - more expensive than the others, it is very resistant, especially if it is cotton coated

The wall-mounted sunshade gives façades and terraces shade and freshness

telescopic arm wall umbrella

Finally all the wall parasols are waterproof. In addition, the canvas of some models is removable to be cleaned more easily. And do you know that umbrellas also have an index of protection (from 30 UPF to 80 UPF).

Parasol scalable high-end design

black parasol for outdoor

The mast

The softer sunshades offered on the market are often composed of a steel mast treated anti-rust. It is advisable to opt for an aluminum that is actually stronger and stronger. Finally, you can also find on the market wooden masts. They are probably aesthetic, but on the other hand they require more maintenance and are more fragile.

Forget the constraints of installing traditional parasols by choosing a model wall

red outdoor parasol

Wind resistance

The wind resistance of the wall parasol obviously varies depending on the model. Lightweight umbrellas are more wind-sensitive than larger, heavy-duty models, such as aluminum. Good wind resistance also depends on whales. These accessories (often made of steel or aluminum), placed under the structure of the fabric, allow the parasol to resist the wind by managing the flows.

outdoor parasol

balcony wall parasol

luxury wall parasol

wall mounted sunshade

parasol blind

telescopic wall umbrella

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