Parquet paint - make a makeover of your floor easily

Parquet paint in a few easy steps

Today we present the tips of parquet flooring for amateurs.

There are many ways to change the appearance of a floor or add color to it. The simplest is to cover it with paint.

Repainting his floor is modern. And in addition it is the ideal solution to revamp a room and protect the floor. If you want to paint a floor, you must first have the right paint. And then, know the rules of this process. Below you will find all the information about parquet flooring step by step.

The floor paint is an ideal solution to revamp a room

painted parquet

Tips to know before you start

  • Painting a parquet is sometimes irreversible because the fibers of the wood are impregnated with certain types of paintings. You can of course try to recover through sanding, but the result is not guaranteed.
  • The two most suitable rooms for a parquet paint are the living room and the bedroom.

    On the other hand, a painted floor in the kitchen is not recommended at all because it is a zone of strong passage.

  • Painting the floor of a room requires time (between 4 and 5 days) due to drying.
  • Some types of paints have a strong odor and require good ventilation.
  • If you want to paint a new floor, it is better to choose a parquet floor in pine or oak. Exotic woods that are very tinted and more difficult to cover must be avoided.
  • If your floor has knots, it will try to reseal before painting.
  • To obtain a truly covering effect, it is necessary to apply at least 3 layers of paint on the floor.

Painted and varnished parquet - illuminating effect

vitrification parquet

Parquet makeover

Choose the color

The color soil is very important for the atmosphere of a room. Choose neutral colors, white, gray or black.

The white illuminates the rooms and goes well with all the decorations.

Gray is also a good choice. However, you will be more limited about the other colors in the room. With a gray floor, prefer shades of camaieu, white, beige, ivory, black, etc.

Black is supposed to be combined with white, with light wood furniture, with colors such as turquoise, orange, golden yellow.

Parquet in black

parquet paint in black

Buy the material

  • A vacuum
  • A special floor sander
  • Abrasive cloth
  • Wood dough
  • A spalter
  • Masking tape to protect skirting
  • A paint roller
  • Brush brush to clear the corners
  • Paint (polyurethane or acrylic)
  • Varnish and white spirit if your painting is acrylic

parquet paint material

Prepare the soil

  • Dust: Clean the floor with the vacuum cleaner.
  • Sanding: This facilitates the attachment of the paint. On the other hand, if the parquet is laminated, it is disadvised to sand. In this case, special paints must be used to prevent sanding.

For those with already varnished or painted parquet, it will take three passes of the sander before painting. Sanding should be gradual with abrasive cloths of different sizes. First with a bigger grain (60 or 80), then with a finer grain (180). The third pass requires the use of a very fine grit sandpaper (200).

Parquet sanding

sanding parquet

  • Correcting the defects of parquet: If your floor has rough edges and holes, you can fill them with wood pulp.

wooden floor

Apply the undercoat

Some parquet paints may require a bonding undercoat. On the other hand, there are many brands that do not require sanding or underlayment. According to specialists, the underlay is a guarantee of good behavior over time.

Choose the painting

Before painting a parquet, you have to choose the painting. Not all paints are suitable for each floor. In general, there are two possibilities: acrylic paint or polyurethane paint.

Acrylic paint offers a wide choice of colors. It is easy to use, low in toxicity and dries quickly. It dissolves in water and gives off little odor. On the other hand, the acrylic paint must be protected by a varnish.

The polyurethane paint is very resistant and better protects your parquet. By cons it is more toxic and more expensive. She has a strong smell and dries very slowly. This paint has the advantage of requiring no stripping, undercoat or varnish. On the other hand the range of colors is restricted.

Parquet paint in green

for example it is a parquet painted green

Parquet in blue

for example it is a parquet painted blue

Parquet paint

Once your floor is perfectly clean and smooth, tape the skirting boards and the bottom of the walls.

Then prepare the paint and mix it until you get a very liquid texture.

Then paint the edges and angles with a brush brush. Always start painting in the opposite corner of the door. The floor area facing the door will be the last to be handled, so that you can leave the room.

Then paint the rest of the surface with a roller. Let dry before applying a second coat and varnish in the case of an acrylic paint. If you have applied a polyurethane paint, the drying time is about 10h for each layer. For an acrylic painting, it is better to wait a few hours.

White parquet paint

parquet paint with roller

The first layer is absorbed by the wood. So, in most cases three or four layers are needed for a good result. A slight abrasive cloth passage between two layers is also necessary and cleaning with the vacuum cleaner.

If the painting is acrylic, the floor must be varnished

to varnish a parquet floor

To vitrify the floor

As already mentioned, some parquet paints such as acrylic paint require the use of a glaze. You can apply it as soon as your last layer is dry to protect your floor as much as possible from scratches.

It is advisable to use a water-based (water-based) glazer because it is odorless and dries faster than a solvent-based glazer.

parquet floor

Before vitrifying, it is necessary to ensure a temperature between 15 ° C and 20 ° C in the room so that the varnish dries optimally. Do not forget to close the windows to prevent the dust from falling on the floor.

The varnish must be applied facing the light with the help of a spalter. After first drying, lightly sand the surface with fine-grained sandpaper (150-180) and clean the container. Then, in the same way, put a second layer. Before handing over your furniture you must wait 48 hours.

parquet glazer


Regardless of the type of paint, a painted floor requires special maintenance to extend its life.

Even if all floor paints are leachable, it is important not to soak the floor as wet wood swells.

Avoid abrasive products

painted parquet maintenance

It is good to use a microfiber broom moistened with a little water and 2 drops of dishwashing liquid. Rinse with the broom and then dry the floor with a dry mop.

The dishwashing liquid could be replaced by a few drops of black soap or soda crystals. Pass the wet microfiber broom and dry with a cloth or mop.

Painted parquet requires special maintenance

special cleaning for painted parquet

The varnished parquet can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner and a damp cloth. Once or twice a month you can also moisten your mop with parquet shampoo. In time your viticator will deteriorate. So use a brightener twice a year to eliminate scratches.

for example it is a varnished parquet cleaner

In case you want to change the atmosphere of a room or just renew your floor but without making large investments, parquet paint is a good solution. Nevertheless, it is better to learn before starting any adventure because this process has its specificities.

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