Pastel hair coloring - to inspire you to choose your color

In case you want to change the color hair, discover here our ideas in photos to have a modern look.

First, this year the summer will be marked by brilliant hair in bright colors. The hair color trends to adopt for a fashionable vision for the hair are very pretty.

Pastel hair coloring in champagne rose

A good alternative for blonde hair is the champagne pink color. It is a hair coloring for a totally glamorous look, with pink highlights, which is very current now. If you are a blonde, this color will give your blonde hair a different and unique shade of gold and at the same time pink. This hair coloring is probably ideal for short and long hair too. Find here our selection of photos to inspire you to opt without hesitation on the color rose gold to achieve a rose gold effect on the hair.

For a modern vision

Beautiful hairstyle

Interesting combination

Feel free to choose hair coloring in rose gold

Gray hair coloring for summer

So, among the current trends in hair color during this summer, we find gray hair, a totally extravagant look. If you want to change the color of your hair, see here. We offer you some unique ideas, to choose the most beautiful hairstyle for you. In addition, one of the advantages of the gray color for the hair is: it is ideal in case you have blond hair, or black hair. In sweeping, in just a few strands, or the shaded gray trend, you have plenty of possibilities to test the gray color on your hair.

A modern vision for the summer

Hair in gray color

If you want to change the hair color - gray hair coloring

We love this vision

A courageous choice

Gray shaded color

Hair in purple tone / smokey lilac

The hair in pastel color, especially in purple tones are very soft and light. The color is ideal if you are brunette, or blonde too. This is a very current trend for this summer, which will brighten the hair and bring a touch of lavender and freshness to your hairstyle.

Modern hair in purple pastel tone

Another idea if you have short hair

To have a unique, modern and unforgettable look

Since violet coloration is very current this season

Stylish hairstyle

For a modern vision, opt for pastel shades

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