Pegboard: the trendy perforated panel that invades the interior

The pegboard, also known as perforated board, is the new trend to adopt absolutely in 2019! It is an accessory both design and practice that will bring style and charm to your home. In addition, if you are out of ideas how to better organize your kitchen, living room or for example entrance, this is the new must-have. And yes, mainly it was reserved for the garage or in the workshop, but today, it finds its place in all rooms. Its major advantage: the ability to modulate the pegboard to infinity to meet your expectations. Use the following suggestions to easily create an organized interior in an original and creative way.

Perforated panel: the trend not to be missed

inspiring idea diy pegboard

An element of decorative modularity to wish for a modern and functional interior

children's room decorating idea with pegboard

Pegboard pegboard - presentation

So, this trendy storage can be made of wood, steel, medium, plastic or metal. As for the realization - there is nothing complicated. The pegboard is pierced with holes, into which you can slide hooks and then install shelves or other storage. Its greatest asset is the fact that it is fully customizable, everything depends on your desires. Feel free to add a touch of charm by installing the perforated panel in the kitchen to better store your kitchen utensils. On the other hand, fixed to the wall of entry and with hooks, this system replaces the traditional stand rack and allows you to hang your clothes, hats, umbrellas in an original way. Modular at will, this trendy table fits everywhere, to facilitate the storage of any kind of business in any room of the house.

Trendy storage to organize your home better and in style

pegboard living room

Let yourself be tempted by the charm of the black pegboard in the entrance

idea for entry with a pegboard

How to adopt the pegboard in the house

Appreciated for its decorative and modern appearance, the perforated panel optimizes the space in your room. cooked , while installing shelves. There you can keep some kitchen utensils and accessories on hand and save space.

Kitchen layout: inspiring idea with a perforated panel

modern kitchen deco with pegboard

To organize your kitchen with style

kitchen pegboard

This economical storage is very easy and simple to manufacture yourself, so you can optimize your corner office for maximum comfort. As a result you will get a space where it is good to work and study. In addition, this way you will give a new look to the interior design.

Modular storage to organize your office

pegboard perforated panel

Or, opt for the perforated metal panel

office corner idea with a metal pegboard

To sublimate the interior of the children's room and create an organized place, we suggest you to opt for the pegboard. You just have to add hooks and shelves and that's it. In the end you will get an ideal panel to highlight books, drawings or transparent boxes with your child's toys. In the parent bedroom, for example, the pegboard can be used as an original jewelry rack, an accessory to hang your clothes or even to hang a mirror.

Pegboard: essential to make the child's room more practical

child room layout with pegboard

Perforated board to highlight children's drawings

child room decorating inspiration with a pegboard

Idea how to adopt it in the room

pegboard in the room

Perforated panel: DIY inspiration

Nevertheless, there is a wide range of perforated panels on the market to buy at any price, but you can also make one yourself. It's not complicated to do, here's how to realize this idea of ​​practical storage.

You need :

  • A wooden or MDF board of your choice
  • Smooth trunnions in beech
  • A drill
  • A hole saw
  • Shelf boards
  • One meter
  • A handsaw
  • Fastening screws

The pegboard can be used in all rooms

inside idea with a pegboard

Production :

In the beginning, you just have to draw the points where you will drill the board. After that, using the hole saw, which is the diameter of the pins, drill holes on the board. Cut out then the trunnions of equal dimensions. Then, all you have to do is hang the perforated panel on the wall, slide the pins into the holes as you wish and place the boards on them. There you go! Your pegboard is finished.

DIY pegboard step by step: drill holes

pegboard diy make holes

Cut out the trunnions

pegboard hooks

Place the pins in the holes

diy pegboard

Hang on the wall and place the wooden board

pegboard fasten the hooks

The solution how to have your cooking utensils on hand

practical layout in the kitchen with pegboard

pegboard office

bedroom idea with pegboard

children room decoration pegboard

child room idea with pegboard

Office storage idea to end the chaos

office corner idea with pegboard

practical kitchen idea with pegboard

decoration idea room with pegboard

deco entrance with a black pegboard

living room decoration with pegboard

living room decor with a pegboard

Inspiring idea for a unique interior to make yourself

diy easy idea pegboard

modern entrance with pegboard

diy pegboard idea

unique pegboard idea

modern interior idea with pegboard

pegboard wall-in-the-living-room

An original way of storing flower pots

pegboard for your plants

organize the kitchen with a pegboard

pegboard shaped round pink color

metal pegboard in the kitchen

pegboard to hang your accessories

pegboard for the workshop

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