Pergola kit for each season - design, robustness, elegance, protection

The pergola in new generation kit

Give charm to your terrace by installing a pergola kit. It's easy to assemble, different depths and colors are possible for you to have an ideal place of relaxation. This roof terrace combines robustness and design style allowing you to spend pleasant moments with friends or family. The biggest advantage of the pergola kit is that there are many models and you will probably find one that fits perfectly to your environment.

Are you already seduced by the idea? Let us convince you with our great proposals!

Which model of pergola to choose

You think about landscaping your garden to make it a pleasant and comfortable living space

for example it is a pergola in cedar

In fact assembling a kit model is easy enough thanks to the manufacturer's instructions.

white wooden pergola

The pergola kit is an asset for your home, especially for your everyday life

for example it is a pergola on the terrace

To give an authentic look and a note of heat to your garden, the wooden pergola is recommended

for example it is a pergola solid wood kit

for example it is a wooden pergola

The aluminum pergola offers moments in all serenity being a real living room

for example it is an aluminum pergola

If ease of maintenance and durability are essential criteria for you, opt for an aluminum pergola

for example it is a large aluminum pergola

Enjoy your terrace longer in the year

example of pergola kit

The roof of the wooden pergola is made of polycarbonate sheets that block the UV rays of the sun

for example it is a pergola with roofing of polycarbonate sheets

Modern bioclimatic pergolas

bioclimatic pergola

bioclimatic pergola orientable blades

The pergolas at swiveling blades allow you to enjoy your outdoors whatever the season

pergola with adjustable blades

Actually, metal constructions have a long life

for example it is a metal pergola

Closed aluminum pergola - elegant and practical, less rustic than a wooden model

closed aluminum pergola

A pergola generally offers a higher protection surface than a banne awning

pergola backed

A wide choice of possibilities for your terrace or garden

The pergolas in kit are resistant, solid and adjustable. Indeed, their frames allow them to adapt to your home in depth or width.

Pergolas provide effective protection for garden furniture. By providing shade in summer, they transform the terraces into real rooms.

The choice of material, the color of the structure and the canvas, as well as the size of the pergola is very wide.

A pergola can be partially equipped with blinds or windows to protect from the wind or to offer a screen. The models in kit are most often equipped with a cover in canvas, blades, polycarbonate panels or canisses. Depending on its nature, this cover can be installed fixed or mobile to control the sun's rays according to the hours of the day. Models with polycarbonate panels treated against UV are particularly resistant. They protect against rain, hail and snow.

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