Picnic Ideas - The Essential Accessories For An Outdoor Adventure

Are you ready for a picnic?

Whether it's a day in the country, on the beach, at the park or in the garden, enjoy the outdoors to organize a lunch on the grass with friends or family. All our picnic ideas without the article below.

You already have the idea of ​​a getaway from the reality of the office or the routine at home. But you do not have the necessary picnic accessories? Covered, towels, utensils, glasses, etc. The list is long and every time you forget something. In order to relax and spend an unforgettable day, bring you the best accessories. Above all, whether in the forest, at the seaside, on a square of lawn or even on your balcony, picnicking is undoubtedly a way of life.

84% of French people regularly picnic

the art of outdoor picnics

Picnic ideas

Tablecloth or blanket

Most picnic tablecloths have a waterproof lapel and are machine washable. It's the perfect complement to your picnic basket.

Do not forget the inevitable tablecloth

a picnic tablecloth

Very light and ultra compact, picnic blankets are pleasant to the touch and waterproof to protect you perfectly from wet soil. Delivered with a carrying case, these covers do not take up space and slip into the back of a backpack or basket.

Convenient and easy to carry blanket

practical cover for a day in nature

for example it's a picnic blanket

Plates, glasses and utensils

Indispensable for the picnic without risk of breakage, polypropylene, plastic or bamboo plates are indeed ideal for a day in the nature.

Paper plates

for example they are paper plates

Trendy accessories of the summer, the insulated glasses are absolutely suitable to keep the drinks cool. You can of course opt for reusable plastic glasses, cardboard or even ice glasses but in the latter case you should have a glass holder.

Isothermal mug

for example it's an insulated mug

Plastic glasses

plastic glasses

The glass holder is an ideal complement to your picnic or your aperitif. Forget about spilled glasses on the floor by pricking the glass holder in the grass and slide your glass on it.


As for utensils do not forget the folding knife or the Swiss army knife. All other things can be plastic. However, you can always choose stainless steel utensils. There are also knives, spoons and foldable forks that are suitable for carrying everywhere.

Folding tools

for example they are foldable utensils for picnics

Multi Functional Stainless Steel Tool

this type of multi functional stainless steel tool is often used for picnics

Picnic set / basket all in one

Today you can find a lot of accessories for picnics. Insulated bags with a compartment for food, a side pocket for the bottle and a pocket on the front that contains everything needed.

Summer is here, it's time to enjoy a lunch on the grass

picnic backpack

There are also picnic baskets filled with wicker in which the plates and cutlery are arranged to save space. So you can also have your drinks and other delicacies there. Thanks to the insulated walls, the temperature of the food is maintained.

Basket braided

picnic basket isothermal wicker

Equipped with an integrated table, some all-in-one baskets are perfect for your summer picnics! Their leather straps give them an elegant and refined style.

Picnic ideas: trendy accessories

modern picnic accessories

Picnic ideas. Deluxe Basket - Reusable and Hermetic

for example it's a luxury picnic basket

A successful getaway day with full and functional picnic accessories

picnic ideas basket with leather straps

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