Pilates exercises - movements to maintain your figure

Nothing beautiful than a modeled silhouette. We offer pilates simple and easy exercises to do at home

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First of all, the pilates method is very trendy today. It allows you to tone up and keep the line at the same time. If you want to get in shape, pilates exercises are perfect for you. All you need is a floor mat.

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Pilates - what is it

Pilates is a system of exercises, invented by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century, which is practiced on the ground, on a carpet. Generally, it's a set of exercises, inspired by yoga, fitness, and dance. By practicing pilates, you will improve your breathing, concentration, precision and control over the muscles. The method can also correct your posture. The exercises are based on the following principles, which are important to practice effectively - breathing, concentration, relaxation, control, order, center of gravity, fluidity. To have an effect on your body, it is advisable to practice two or three times a week.

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Pilates exercises involve a great concentration on the movements, when practice. It is essential, to find a balance between body and mind. The exercises also allow you to build your body, eliminate stress levels, tone the body and be more relaxed.

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The exercises

It is very important to breathe - by inhaling through the nose and exhaling through your mouth.

  • Exercise 1: The Hundred - ideal for warm-up, which has different versions.

First, you need a gym mat. To begin, you must lie on the mat, with a back on the floor and your hands along the body. Your legs should form a 45 ° angle. Then raise your head and upper back, and bring your knees to the chest, to form a 90 ° angle. Also do not forget to raise your arms a little. Or even, you have the opportunity to put your arms behind your head. Repeat the exercise 15 times.

hundred pilates exercises

The hundred - pilates exercises

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Exercise variations Hundred

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  • Exercise 2: Superman

In truth, it is a difficult exercise, but it allows you to stretch all the muscles. Lie on the rug, facing the rug. You must raise your head, arms and legs 5-6cm above the ground.

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How to perform this pilates exercise

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  • Exercise 3: Two-leg stretching This exercise is perfect for strengthening the muscles of the abdominal belt.

Lie on your back, with the legs at 90 °, the pelvis in neutral position. You must try to stretch your legs towards your head and shoulders. Finally, circle your arms around your calves.

Two-leg stretch

pilates exercises to do at home

pilates easy exercises to do at home

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